Somali and AMISOM forces take new areas from Al Shabaab

By IAfrica
In Somali
Aug 31st, 2014

Somali armed forces backed by AMISOM troops have taken control of Fidow town which separates Shabelle and Hiran provinces.

The troops ceased the town which is 63 KM North West of Jowhar the capital of central shabelle province.

General Abdirizak Khalif Emi has told the media that they are set for Jalalaqsi town next which is still under the control of Al Shabaab militant group.

“We will continue our campaign until we clear them from the remaining areas under their control,” He said.

“They are getting weaker and weaker as we continue our operation,” He added.

General Abdirizack also said they will ensure the humanitarian organization access to the new liberated areas which were months under siege due to the fighting.

Since the operation India Ocean officially started last week Al Shabaab has lost the key town of Bulamarer and other small towns on the route to strong hold port city of Barawe.

In response to the offensive Al Shabaab has attacked Somali intelligence headquarters today killing at least ten people.



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