Somali government and AMISOM jostle for Kismayu peace deal

The federal government of Somalia and the leadership of AMSIOM peacekeeping troops in Somalia seem to be rushing to own general Bare Hirale decision to end the nearly one year standoff with interim Juba land administration.

On a press statement AMISOM claimed general Hirale has surrendered to its Kenyan contingent in Kismayu who led him to shake hands with his former political rival Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) the Interim president of Jubba Administration.

On its part the federal government of Somalia has sent officials led by interior minister Abdullahi Godax to receive General Barre Hirale in Kismayu and eventually bringing him to the capital Mogadishu to discuss with the prime minster Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed.

The federal government has said after along negotiations it has succeeded to achieve peace deal in Kismayu by bringing together two warring parties.

The victory and the reward belong to Somali people and not either government or African union troops; therefore let’s learn how to cultivate peace before we rush for the goodies attached.

Hashim Hassan, Nairobi.