Somali government announces amnesty for Al Shabaab militants

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Sep 3rd, 2014

The federal government of Somalia has announced an amnesty to the members of Al Shabaab militant group.

The government said it will give Al Shabaab members 45 days to surrender and get amnesty from their actions or face the full force of the law.

Interior minister Khalif Ahmed Ereg read statement produced after special cabinet meeting on the offensive against Al Shabaab militant group.

The defectors from Al Shabaab within the stipulated times of next 45 days will receive amnesty and government will help them build their lives.

The statement has called upon the intervention of Somali religious scholars to guide what the cabinet described as the lost young generation used by Al Shabaab militant group.

Somali citizens were also urged to rally behind the armed forces during the ongoing security operation against armed group Al Shabaab.

Meanwhile Somali government has for the first time commented on the US drone strike that is alleged to have hit convoy of Al Shabaab militant group leader Ahmed Godane.

Government spokesman Ridwan Hajji has said the group suffered heavy casualties without giving further details but promised to give full information on the attack as soon as they get them.



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