Somali government warns illegal arms owners

By IAfrica
In Somali
Aug 16th, 2014

 The federal government of Somalia has warned illegal arms possessors in the country saying they should surrender to the government or face the full force of the law.

During a special meeting attended by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud the cabinet regretted the civilian casualties on Friday raid on war lord and former Wadajir district commissioner Ahmed Dai home in which at least 15 people mostly civilians lost their lives and more than 20 others wounded.

The cabinet has urged Somali citizens in possession of illegal arms to surrender it to the government or register with ministry of defense for security purposes saying possession of arms by civilians is unacceptable and threat to peace and security.

The cabinet has also warned the media in its statement calling upon the press to respect the media freedom in the country and avoid content that incite and threaten national security while vowing to take a stiff action against those who bridge the law.

The federal government of Somalia has embarked on a security operation to improve the security of the capital Mogadishu by recovering illegal arms in the hands of civilians.



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