Somali war lord escapes from the city operation

By IAfrica
In Somali
Aug 20th, 2014

Former war lord Abdi Nur Siyad who has been earlier targeted by Somali security forces for disarmament security operation in Mogadishu has escaped from the capital and reached Guriel town in central Somalia.

Sources in Guriel town have confirmed the presence of Mr. Abdi Nur Siyad in the area but it is not clear which means of transport the former war lord has used to escape Somali intelligence trap.

The former war lord is wanted by the government for illegal possession of weapons in the capital Mogadishu.

Federal government of Somalia security forces with the help from African union troops have launched a security operation mainly in the capital Mogadishu to disarm former war lords in an effort to improve security and secure the capital Mogadishu.



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