Somalia: Ambassador Mahiga sets the record straight with M. Silanyo

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Nov 25th, 2012

By Abdisamad Mooge “Kayse”

“I am no regional president,” Ahmed Silanyo of Somaliland region proclaimed after receiving a letter from Augustine P. Mahiga, the United Nations Special Representative for Somalia and Head of the United Nations Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS), this weekend.

This is probably one of the worst news to receive when you have convinced yourself for two long years that you are the head of a country – a state similar to the virtual online world of SimCountry. The letter has infuriated the veteran politician after Ambassador Mahiga told him there was no country other than Somalia.

“Mr. Mahiga, your insinuations that I am the president of an administrative region of Somalia are not only disgusting and detestable but undignified because my motherland of Somaliland is an independent country,” he cried in his protest letter posted on the Dutch native owned SomalilandSun website. Silanyo must be one of those addicted to SimCountry. It is only in that world that average people are encouraged: “Become the president of a country or set up an empire with many countries.”

In 2005 a 28-year-old man died in South Korea after playing online games for 50 hours straight. Silanyo outperformed him and should thank God for being alive after two straight years creating his online country. After two years even the most normal person will start showing symptoms of hallucination.

This explains why he must have thought that Mahiga’s office was one of the empires that had relations with his virtual country that no single entity in the world recognizes. “On behalf of citizens of this country, I hereby like to correct a number of erroneous insinuations made in your letter as pertains to the being of Somaliland, as discerned by your address to my office terming the office of the president of the northern administrative region of Somalia,” he protested. Sorry Mr. President, the United Nations should immediately dispatch a high-level delegation to your virtual office immediately. We hear you Mr. President but perhaps URL and coordinates would help so the UN can locate your office. Mr. Mahiga must have accidently switched on Age of Empires instead of SimCountry. You know mistakes happen; all it takes is one finger striking the wrong key.

As stated by SimCountry: “As president you are responsible for the population, the defence and the economy.” Veteran Silanyo is merely doing his duties and thus he has every right to speak on behave of the “citizens.” I just hope they are standing behind him with virtual signs of support.

“I further wish to inform you that your inference to my country as a region of Somalia is tantamount to igniting fires that might infringe negatively on prevalent peace in the horn of Africa,” he threatened with his virtual army. We can only imagine him right-clicking the mouse to place his highly trained virtual troops on Red Alert. The Ambassador must have been terrified. I hope this does not mean the recall of the UN mission in DR Congo and redeploying them in SimCountry Somaliland.

For those who are new to Somali politics, I apologize. You must be lost. Now imagine Governor Rick Perry of Texas declaring the southern US state of Texas secession from the rest of the country. He does not think neither invites creative minds. He simply decides to name the “new” country the United-States-of-America-land. This is the case with Somali politician Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silanyo” who believes he is the head of state called “Somaliland” inside Somalia’s internationally recognized borders.

Ever since the collapse of Somalia’s last central government more than two decades ago a minority group has been actively holding part of the country’s north hostage. Mr. Mahiga, like many regional and international statesman have always termed the leader as “the president of the northern administrative region of Somaliland.”

All these years, different leaders have been feeding the population in the three triangular towns of Hargeisa, Burao and Berbera with all kinds of bald-faced lies. They shamelessly claimed the UN had diplomatic ties with Somaliland on many occasions. The United Nations remained silent and hoped the leaders of the region would come to their common sense one day. That wishful hope never arrived and the UN should have known better that “the leopard doesn’t change its spots.”

This week things even got intensified when the unpopular Somaliland minister of “foreign Affairs”, Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi Omar declared they had the UN corned. In his press release he claimed he “requested that the UN deal with Somaliland directly and not through its offices in the region.” [2] Mahiga’s office said otherwise. Local media reported a totally different story. The UN visited the region on a fact finding mission and held various talks with different establishment. That’s all it was and the intension behind the letter was to reiterate that. Silanyo was caught off guard. He was riding high on his pony in the imaginary Utopia – Garadagland.

The virtual country ruler noted: “To put you back in the proper frame of the picture, Amb Mahiga be reminded that Somaliland, though yet to be recognized, is an independent country, as per the wishes of 97% of the population who voted for separation following it had won reclamation of independence from Somalia that ensued through loss of life, property and livelihoods.” I am sure Mahiga was not aware that even in the virtual games, animated figures had access to referendum votes.

Maybe he means the ten residents of Garadag virtual village voted 97 percent yes to his Sim state. The region he is talking about does not have access to water let alone voter registrations and census. For now we have to say this is one of those imaginary numbers. All Silanyo is trying to say is = 97 percent = country. If we simplify that formula, somehow Silanyo came to the conclusion that it means international recognition for his country. Only if the Palestinian authority knew this formula, today Israel would not be blackmailing the same institution Silanyo is also threatening. It is not too late for Palestinian authority to adopt this Silanyo formula after all he borrowed the “two state solution” phrase from them. It is a fair trade in my opinion.

The president of the northern region is most infuriated because he does not want to share podium with other self-style tribal enclave presidents in Somalia such as Puntland’s Abdirahman Farole, Galmudug’s two warring leaders, the Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’ah’s and many others. He wants a more dignified title but time and time again he forgets Somalia has one president, one prime minister and ten ministers. Furthermore, he forgets to contribute to Somalia’s wellbeing so his political status might be elevated. There is no dignity neither dignified titles for one who contributed to the country’s many ills.

He is now threatening to further isolate the already isolated region and hold them hostage for longer. It is okay for him and his ministers to travel with foreign passports but he does not care about the ordinary civilians he is isolating. He recently banned the usage of Somali passports but all of his ministers have access to European, American and Canadian documents. He should give his British passport away and see how that feels.

It was about time someone told him the truth. The lies and deceptions have came to an end and it is time to pack up the protest tents on the premises of Somalia’s former general and wanted criminal’s residential home, General Hirsi Morgan.

We will wait for the next lie from either Silanyo himself, his alleged al-Shabab affiliated lieutenant Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan or Dr Mohamed Abdullahi Omar. They must dig deep and try to pull a rabbit out of the green, white and red hat that they borrowed from Gambela region of Ethiopia. Ambassador Mahiga, the United Nations, Somali people, the international community, other regional governors including Farole and Somalia’s foreign minister Fowzia Yusuf Haji Aden will be observing. Make an impression that lasts for another two decades of isolations.

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