part of the ongoing joint military efforts dubbed Operation Indian Ocean aimed at defeating Al-Shabaab terrorists, Somalia National Army (SNA) and Burundian peacekeepers have in the past few days liberated several important towns in Middle Shabelle and Hiiran regions as they continue to jointly advance towards the main target of strategic town of Jalalaqsi.

On 30th August 2014 the joint forces liberated several location including a crossroad along Dangaras which connects several towns in Middle Shabelle region and Kiliga Shiinaha and went ahead to liberate the town of Fidow in Hiraan region.

The Somali National Army supported by AMISOM forces have faced little resistance from their advancement as al-Shabaab simply melted away when they heard the aligned forces are approaching.

Somalia Deputy Chief of Staff Major General Abdirizak Elmi said the forces will relentlessly keep up the pressure on al Shabaab and the forces will employ all the means at their disposal to end their reign of terror.

AMISOM Sector 5 commander Colonel Ndayambaje Reverien said the main target for the aligned forces is the strategic town of Jalalaqsi in Hiiran region which the militants have used as a base to launch attacks on SNA and AMISOM bases.

“We are happy to help the Somali Government regain more territory and help their people who have been suffering under the brutal leadership of al-Shabaab, who have held the population hostage. Local populations welcomed the joint forces during the operation and continue to work with the forces in a bid to liberate them from the terrorists,” the AMISOM commander from Burundi said.

The Somali National Army and African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops yesterday evening also liberated the town of Kurtunwaarey in Lower Shabelle. The operation Indian Ocean is aimed at liberating more towns to help the Somalia government expand its control and help ease humanitarian suffering of the population.

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