Mogadishu: – Members of MPs for Somali Federal Transitional Government like Asha Abdalla have denounced the speaker of the TFG Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden for his position in the latest parliament clash.

They strongly blamed the speaker of being responsible for the present setbacks and therefore advised members of MPs to come up with probable solutions to the misunderstanding between MPs.

Parliament is supposed to meet today for the approval of the new elected prime-minister but One of MPs warns that a further delay would only deepen the already existing disputes.

The speech of the Somali MP coincided amid deep division within parliament members where some of them have sided with the speaker.

Some of Parliament members told the media that the legislators are required to approve the legitimacy of the new prime minister and not carried away by the conflicts between the President and the speaker.

Political disagreement between President Sheikh Sharf Sheikh Ahmed and parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden boiled up last week after Shiekh Ahmed accused the speaker of parliament is obstacle the process of approving or rejecting the new nominated premier by the president Sheikh sharif.

The president Shiekh Sharif said, “Tthe speaker has two motions one of which –140 lawmakers–is requesting a vote in open vote, and the other—40 MP’s–is requesting a secret ballot
“I appeal the Speaker of Parliament to uphold the law and to not obstruct lawmakers from discharging their solemn constitutional duties, particularly at this critical occasion when we need a government that can stand to address the enormous tasks.”

In 1960 constitution decreed the assembly should express confidence or no confidence in the prime-minister in an open vote requiring a simple majority, the speaker interfere the law of the house.

On the other side, Speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden also issued a memo later on Sunday condemning the president of creating confusion within the Somali government.

The Speaker of Parliament said, “W should use what our constitution says, the vote of confidence for the new prime- minister will be use secretly according to the constitution article 43 in the new constitution.”

According to the constitution, Failure to conform and apply the provisions of article 30(6) which categorically states that any motion contravening the Sharia Law, the Charter or the Constitution and the other laws shall be unacceptable.

The TFG has been plagued by conflicts and power struggle since it was first established at the end of Kenya in 2004.

Since the Parliament is supposed to meet today for the approval of the new elected prime-minister and it is unclear what will come out.

Somalia: Large displacement still continues in Mogadishu.

BY: A Y Mohamed

Mogadishu: Thousands of Somali civilians were moving from their houses in Mogadishu the capital of Somalia last four years and hearing of death, kidnapping, looting, fighting and mortar shelling became normal in the city.

The most villages in the city are empty, the inhabitants largely displaced from homes and most of them live under the trees and civilian displacement still continue in Mogadishu.

Uncountable displaced people including adults and children carrying their house-items on their head and back could be seen evacuating from their residences in the city.

The latest battles along with heavy shelling, have also affected more innocent in Mogadishu city.

“I have 6-kids; I am fleeing from my home, we are evacuating our brothers, we remained here in Mogadishu for only three months since Ethiopian forces withdrew the country so we are appealing from those involving the atrocious battles to stop it as soon as possible and respect us,” said a Somali woman with her three days old baby on her chest told local reporters.

“We are poor innocent inhabitants who don not know where to go,” She suffered.

A research made on the least battles said that 300-people most of them civilians were killed and more-others sustained injuries in the past two in heavy wars in Mogadishu between the government soldiers and Islamist insurgent troops against the existence of Somali transitional government.

Gusow Dhagay, “Displacement and death continuesin Somalia, we need urgent peace, because peace is life.”

On the other hand, the international community condemns the attacks on the Transitional Federal Government led by Sheik Sharif Sheikh made by Islamist opposition groups.

BY:  A Y Mohamed