Somalia: Puntland Arrests Al Shabaab Suspected Elements

By benim
In Somali
Dec 16th, 2010

Bosaso — One day after the semi-autonomous region of Somalia’s Puntland apprehended more than one hundred people in a bid to prevent the repeated insecurity in those regions, officials from Puntland security forces on Wednesday proclaimed they had arrested a number of Al shabaab linked suspects.

Awil Osman better known as “Ilka Dahab”, Puntland police officer, told the local press that their security forces detained more suspected elements, whom have been accused of having links with Al shabaab fighters, who battle in southern Somalia.
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Mr. Osman denied they targeted displaced people from southern Somalia during yesterday’s crack down in Puntland’s commercial town of Bosaso.

The security officer didn’t clarify the identity of the suspects.

On Tuesday, some 130 people were taken into custody by Somalia’s Puntland security forces after search operations assuring the security of Puntland’s port town of Bosaso.

Locals said old men and women were among the arrested.

For the last few weeks Puntland forces were busy in conducting operations in which they want to stabilize and tackle the rampant insecurity that hit in the areas under Puntland authorities.

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