Somalia: Why the new PM is the right man for the job

By benim
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Oct 23rd, 2010

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo), the new Prime Minister designate was a former colleague of mine and fellow civil servant in Somalia’s Foreign Ministry. He was there almost a year when I joined the service in mid 1983. In the Foreign Ministry in Mogadishu, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed was a quiet, unassuming, conscientious and capable man. Like many who joined the service, he had idealistic and deeply held patriotic convictions.

The appointment of Mohamed Abdullahi as Prime Minister is definitely a move to the right direction and President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed is to be applauded for his suitable choice. President Sharif who picked his own choice for the post was inundated with too many outside pressures for a number of individuals other than Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed to consider for the position. The fact that the President did not succumb to such outside pressures is highly commendable. As time goes by, President Sharif will most likely be vindicated in his choice of Prime Minister and the Somali people will be grateful for it.

Given a free hand to do the job and the help of the Somali people and Diaspora communities around the world, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed will most likely improve significantly, the authority of the government and help revive Somalia.

For a man who has not taken office yet, the detractors were quick to berate the new PM. When those who do not know a man rush to rebuke him for taking office there is a cause for celebration. Wisdom tells you to bet on that man. Among such detractors of the Prime Minister designate is one Dr Pham who has gained notoriety as a serial indulgent in his antics and innate hatred for Somalia.

In Dr Pham’s yet again unhelpful antics and corrosive opinion: Somalia’s New Prime minister: Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered, is  full of throw back allegations and innuendoes of the 1970s military government era. What the doctor did not order is Dr Pham meddling in the affairs of Somalia. The Somali people need to be left alone to reconcile with one another and to get on with their lives.

It should be understood that there is something else behind Dr. Pham’s rush to attack the TFG and the new PM designate. He is worried stiff that Somalia which has been written off by the likes of him and enemies of our nation is once again on the threshold to gain the gift of hope and the best chance of revival in the appointment of Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed as Prime Minister.  And it seems this is what is unsettling the likes of Dr Pham.

The new Prime Minister is wholly committed to establishing peace in Somalia. Peace which has eluded the nation for too long may at last be possible and within our grasp thanks to Sheikh Sharif’s latest wise selection.

The new PM comes to the job with an important card which might be crucial for the Transitional Government’s success. Many in Al-Shabab movement hail from the new Prime Minister’s home turf (clan area) and he has the strongest chance to appeal to them to rejoin their nation’s rebuilding and progress rather than continue to taking part in its destruction. The new Prime Minister has vision for Somalia which would include to:

  • Improve security and help establish peace in the country
  • Strive for reconciliation within the Somali people
  • Work for the whole nation and not favour any group above the other
  • Encourage harmony and coexistence within our people
  • Establish inclusive and effective government based on merit
  • Appoint a suitable team to steer the nation out of its crises
  • Ensure transparency and accountability in government
  • Restore government ministries and offices
  • Revamp our Foreign Service to assist reconstruction, investment, serve the interests of the nation and overseas communities etc
  • Ensure funds are spent properly and wisely
  • Seek good relations with our neighbours based on mutual respect

Our people who are yearning for peace and a functioning government are asking for the cessation of unhelpful interference and meddling in our affairs so that the Somali people can reconcile with one another and bring about a speedy closure of our nation’s open wound in the form of prolonged anarchy and statelessness.

Contrary to the whimpering of our nation’s detractors and enemies there is no doubt President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has picked the right man for the job. God willing, if Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed succeeds in his task to help pacify and rebuild the nation it will be to the credit of the President. However, if the new Prime Minister is to be successful, he has to have a free hand to do the job without interference or power struggle reminiscent of the recent past. That is why on Saturday 23 October 2010, it is urgently important for the Parliament to confirm the appointment of the new Prime Minister and give him all the support he needs to do the job. For the sake of our nation’s quest to turn itself around and get ahead, we wish the new Prime Minister all the good luck and God speed.

Abdullahi Dool

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