As a Somalilander, who love the peace and security that our people enjoy. We know that President Ahmed Mohamoud Silanyo is trying his best to improve the way the government works. But, he is surrounded by ministers that some of them do not understand their jobs in government that are fighting among themselves. Therefore, his ministerial selection was not based on merit and the current Ministers did not have experience of government. Your government ministers Mr. President need training of their roles in government.
Somaliland was and still is a beacon of peace in former Somalia. Recently, there are problems coming from the east of Somaliland. The so-called Khaatumo Estate, which is campaigning to form their own self rule and join forces with Puntland and Somalia. Your government fought with forces supporting Khaatumo Estate last year, there is also another group, who announced the so-called Awdal Estate with the ambition to form an independent government in Awdal and Selel in the west of Somaliland.

These two groups are both demanding building a fairer government, which represents the whole of Somaliland. This problem is not new but it is one you inherited from the former administrations such as the one of Igal and Rayale.

Therefore, you are faced with two sets of problems, which weaken the existence of Somaliland. It is time that you listen and start reforming before it is too late. Now the fire is small but if it gets too big, it will be difficult to put out.
The other scenario, which could give these two so-called estates the support that they crave for and make worse for the case of Somaliland’s recognition will be a successful Somali government.

If Strong, successful Somali Government is born in Mogadishu, these two so-called estates will ask to join forces with Somalia. Imagine this scenario Mr. President. This scenario will be immense task to handle.

There is also the theory that these two groups will get support from the youth groups in Awdal and Selel in the West and Sool and Sanaag in the East.

The longer these groups carry on their struggle the more support they can get.
To conclude my intellectual analysis, the noise coming from these so-called Awdal and Khaatumo Estates can damage the reputation of Somaliland. Their ambition will be heard in the media much more, when the next Somali Peace Conference starts after August. As the current Somali Goverment’s mandate expires. These two group will start Somalia’s conference of building new government.

By consulting with the Somaliland Intellectuals and Elders, Mr. President you can reform and come up a solution to the long standing problem. Points to digest are the sharing fairly among the regions of the most powerful ministers such as ministries of Finance, Defence, Home Office, the Leader of the Parliament and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. By reforming these posts you can put out the fire and delay the results of the unhappiness that causing problems in the west and east of the country.

Omar Farah Abdilahi
London, UK