South Darfur’s Nyala short of electricity for three months

Citizens in Nyala, the capital of South Darfur, have reiterated their complaint about the disruptions and outages of the electric power supply.

“Since more than three months, we are living in complete darkness. The South Darfur State government had promised a stable supply of electricity for the holy month of Ramadan, but it seems not to be able to keep to its promise”, a listener in Nyala told Radio Dabanga.

 The management of the power supply in the state has attributed the crisis to the shortage of fuel and the lack of spare parts for the power stations.

“We have demanded the competent authorities to immediately intervene and resolve the electricity crisis, especially because during Ramadan the people are leaving their houses to shop or visit others in the evening, and the city is very insecure already”, the source added.

File photo: Sudanese moving around in the dark (Radio Dabanga)

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