Stop abusing Zambia’s tax payers money and go back to Malawi, HH challenges Judge Chikopa

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Mar 27th, 2014
Judge Chikopa -Malawian high Court judge chosen to head the Tribunal

Judge Chikopa -Malawian high Court judge chosen to head the Tribunal

Judge Chikopa -Malawian high Court judge chosen to head the Tribunal

United Party for National development president Hakainde Hichilema has challenged Judge Lovemore Chikopa to stop abusing Zambia’s tax payers money and go back to Malawi.

Speaking at a press briefing today Mr Hichilema accused Judge Chikopa of being appointed to lead a tribunal to probe some high court judges because he is related to president Sata and benefiting from plunder of the nation’s resources.

He said the Judge should go back and sort out cases in his own country as his stay in the country is a cost to the public.

He said Judge Chikopa has been living a luxurious life at the expense of poor Zambians and that the money which is being used to keep him in the country can be served or used to buy ARVs which have run out again.

He appealed to the moral conscious of Judge Chikopa saying: “the judge should use his moral conscious and return to his country were he can help sort out cases.”

Judge Chikopa was appointed by republican president Michael Sata to head a tribunal to probe three high Judges for professional misconduct but the judges blocked the proceeding through an appeal in the supreme court.

Mr Hichilema further advised president Sata to stop appointing tribunals that did not produce any tangible results and concentrate on ensuring that food prices and other commodities are reduced so that people can afford to live a decent life.

The UPND president called on republican president to make reducing of the cost of living his priority.

Mr Hichilema said it is a painful realization to many Zambians that the things they voted for, among them cheaper cost of living, have not been fulfilled almost 3years after the PF took over office.

He said the high cost of living which people in the country are experiencing can be avoided if the president Sata lead government can prioritize and channel their efforts towards certain areas of the economy such as creation of employment for the youths and improving the farmer input support program among other things.

He observed that families in the country can not be having one meal a day if good leadership was put in office.

Meanwhile Mr Hichilema has called on people in the country to unity for a common purpose and ensure that the ruling Patriotic Front is removed from office in 2016.

He said too many things have gone wrong in the country due to the poor leadership and governance style of the president and his PF government.

He said people can not continue to suffer in a country that has so much natural resources which can be used to uplift their living standards.

He questioned why food prices should be high when the country is endowed with almost 23percent of the fresh water in Southern African region which he said is under utilized.

He said with good leadership the natural resources of the country can be used to improve the quality of life of the people in the country as well as create wealth for the country.

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