Stop playing with the minds of Zambians, Msoni advises First Lady

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Aug 14th, 2014

Time Posted: August 14, 2014 7:32 pm

Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

APC president Nason Msoni has advised first lady Christine Kaseba Sata to stop taking Zambians for fools and tell the nation the truth about the health of her husband or keep quiet.

Mr Msoni says Dr. Kaseba Sata should realize that the President is a servant of Zambians who are demanding that he avails himself to the public.

He says Dr. Kaseba should stop playing with the minds of Zambians because they deserve better than what she is subjecting the public to.

He notes that if the first lady continue issuing such statements, political stakeholders will make no distinction between her and the president and will unleash themselves on her.

“Dr. Kaseba should stop plainly playing with the minds of Zambians. We deserve better than this; what is she trying to subject us to? If she continues issuing such statements we shall not make distinction between herself and her husband, we shall unleash ourselves on her because government has collapsed due to the non performance of the government and the ultimate victims are the poor Zambians who are feeling the blunt of the non performance of government.

“These are not matters to play with and we take great exception to her statement and we advise the madam to stick to what she is competent in,” Mr. Msoni said.

He further advised Dr. Kaseba to maintain a low profile as the calls for the president to show himself to the public has got nothing to do with her.

“Spouses are better advised to maintain a low profile ultimately we know that she is a beneficially of whatever is happening in state house but this has nothing to do with her husband whom we want to account what he is doing.

Otherwise what good is he to anyone in this country if he is going to stay in state house and hibernate and we don’t know what he is doing?”

He added, “if she is going to listen our advise is let her tell her husband to step down as our patience is wearing thin.”

Mr. Msoni was reacting to the a statement by the first lady who said her husband was fine and working at state house.

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