Sudan and Chad to extend joint border security operation

By benim
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Mar 13th, 2011

Military from Sudan and Chad are expected to renew a deal related to a joint force monitoring the border between the two countries in order to to end cross-border rebel attacks from the both sides.

The deployment of the 3000 troops — 1500 from each side – in March last year was seen as major shift in the relations between the two countries after years of tension. The international community pushed for the normalization between Khartoum and Ndjamena as part of its efforts to end Darfur conflict.

Chad and Sudanese Defense ministers will hold a meeting next Thursday in Ndjamena to discuss the activities of the joint operation and its impact on the stability of the region. The meeting will be also attended by the Chadian President Idris Deby.

The meeting is expected to endorse a recommendation to extend the operation for another year, said a spokesperson of the operation Lt Colonel Abu Bakr Askar, in a statement released on Saturday.

He cited the fight against insecurity and presence of rebel groups on the border as major achievements by the joint force. He also said that the military patrols “have contributed to the prosperity of development on the Sudan-Chad border and increased the economic returns between the two countries,” he stressed.

Khartoum and Ndjamena signed a number of agreements since last year to develop political and economic ties between the two countries. They also established a joint company to explore oil on the border area.

Earlier this month the Chadian ruling party Patriotic Salvation Movement (PSM) and the Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party (NCP) agreed to coordination their political positions, and to regular meetings.

The President Idriss Deby decided today to postpone the presidential election scheduled to take place on 3 April. The decision comes after threats by opposition forces to boycott the vote.


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