Sudan rebel front to unify opposition forces

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Jul 28th, 2014

The Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF, an alliance of the main rebel movements) will work towards unifying all opposition forces as a necessary measure to overthrow the regime, or reach a comprehensive peaceful solution to end war, and bring about democratic change in the country.

The rebel alliance will make its utmost efforts to achieve “this vital mission within two months in order to allow Sudanese people make the necessary change”.

In a statement released at the conclusion of an RSF leadership meeting held in Paris, 20-25 July, the SRF announced that it approved a plan to “unify forces of change through coordination, joint work, and continuous contacts with all forces interested in the unity of opposition”, Sudan Tribune said on Friday.

The SRF said that during the meeting they received a letter from the US Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, Donald Booth, without elaborating on its content.

It also said that the SRF leadership council met with delegates from the USA and the EU, noting that humanitarian issues, human rights, a comprehensive peaceful solution, and a dialogue among all parties to the Sudanese crisis, were discussed in the meetings.

The SRF leaders are expected to hold meetings with some leaders of the Sudanese opposition parties who are currently present in Europe to discuss ways to reach a consensus between the military and political forces on the democratic change.

Last April, the SRF proposed a roadmap to achieve a comprehensive solution to end war in the Blue Nile, south Kordofan, and Darfur, and ensure democratic transition in Sudan.

The proposal provided to hold one peace process for Darfur, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile states. An inclusive peace process should be following, with the participation of all political forces and civil society groups.

On 16 July, a joint delegation of members of the SRF and opposition parties met with EU legislators in Strasbourg, where they called on the EU to exert more pressure on Khartoum to achieve a comprehensive peace, and a genuine process for a national dialogue leading to democratic transformation.

The Paris meeting was held with the participation of its chairman, Malik Agar; the deputy chairman for political affairs, Abdel Wahid El Nur; the deputy chairman for Foreign Affairs, Jibril Ibrahim, the Foreign Relations official, Yasir Arman; Media Affairs official, El Tom Hajo, and Administrative Affairs official, Nasreldin El Hadi El Mahdi. Zeinab Kabashi of the eastern Sudanese Beja Congress also attended the meeting. SRF deputy chairman, Minni Minawi was represented by the Humanitarian Affairs official, Trayo Ahmed Ali.

(Source: Sudan Tribune)

Photo: The SRF leadership council in Paris, July 2014 (SRF)


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