Sunday Chanda‘Reformed’ former Patriotic Front supporter and Open Society Foundation Society Executive Director Sunday Chanda says Zambia should only go to the polls in 2016 under a new constitution.

Chanda said the argument that there was a disconnect between a good constitution and poverty was wrong.

“The draft constitution should be adopted through a referendum before the 2016 elections. Zambians must go to the 2016 elections under a new constitution,” he said.

“We are also demanding that Zambians must come out and smell the coffee and deny the cheap propaganda that development comes before the constitution. That cheap propaganda must be frowned upon by all right thinking Zambians, men and women of good intent. “

He said basic rights and good governance was a product of a good constitution.

“Good governance which is a product of a good constitution, strong and independent institutions is the one that leads to good delivery, improved service delivery that the people of this country have been yearning for,” he said.