List of diplomatic missions of France

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Jun 26th, 2012
Officials and a witness say rebels took seven hostages when they attacked a French uranium plant in the Central African Republic. A resident in Bakouma said Tuesday that hundreds of rebels attacked the Areva plant on Sunday and took computers and looted houses. The resident, who would not give his na...
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In Cote d'Ivoire
Aug 22nd, 2011
An Ivory Coast official says authorities have freed three French nationals who were arrested over the weekend. Military spokesman Lt. Jean-Marc Tago refused to elaborate Monday on the circumstances of their arrest. A diplomat who asked not to be named because she is not authorized to speak to journal...
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In Mauritania
May 3rd, 2011
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Since Monday’s announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden, the head of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group, Mauritania has reinforced security measures around the embassies of Western nations based in the capital Nouakchott. A security source told Xinhua that the deployment of extra security forces ...
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In Mali
Jan 6th, 2011
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A Tunisian man who claimed to be an Al-Qaeda member exploded a gas cylinder in front of the French embassy in Mali’s capital Bamako, a police source said. “We are on the Al-Qaeda track,” the source said. “The Tunisian we have arrested told us he belongs to Al-Qaeda.” The...