TAP Zambia Employees Cry Foul over Housing Promise

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Jul 24th, 2014

Zambian FlagWorkers at Tap Zambia are crying out for help following the company’s decision to rescind its earlier pledge to sell houses to e employees.

According to a letter employees sent to Zambia Reports, Tap Zambia employes have also attempted to engage area member of parliament Edgar Lungu and councilor Martin Zimba with little or no luck.

“As Tap Zambia employees we have an issue with our employer Tap Zambia Ltd, we have cried and cried to our area mp mr Edgar Lungu, our area councilor Mr Martin Zimba but we have not received any help,” the letter reads.

“The company promised us to be empowered by the way of selling its housing units to us way back in 2001.”

The employees state that the latest tenancy agreement of 2011 to 2012 has since been amended without any formal of communication to employees.

“But to our surprise the same houses are sold to Alasia a company owned by Lamasat. and we have been given eviction notices, surely is this how we are going to live in our country everything should be sold to Lamasat.

“Please help us to get attention of the relevant authorities concerning our issue. This government says its for the people is this being for the people?”

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