TB Joshua Shocking Contradictions On Malaysia Plane

By IAfrica
In Zimbabwe
Apr 14th, 2014

Popular Nigerian preacher Temitope Balogun (TB) Joshua has been attacked for not telling the truth when he claimed to predict the fate of the missing Malaysian plane.

Last month TB Joshua preached saying the mystery of the Malaysian plane would be solved in a week’s time. This did not happen amid several other mis-prophecies now being reviewed. On the 14th March, TB Joshua claimed that by the 21st March 2014, the Malaysian plane mystery would not be talked about again and the families would know their relatives’ fate. “This coming week, we are not going to talk about it again and the families will know their fate,” he said. But over three weeks later, fighter jets and numerous ships, air carriers to date are still roaming the Indian ocean as the plane mystery is still to be solved.

Another discrepancy on the TB Joshua prophecies have been on the location of the Malaysian plane debri whose location has been narrowed down by experts to a small area which is nowhere near Indonesia as prophesied by TB Joshua, but is close to Australia’s city of Perth.

Malaysia plane lies? ...TB Joshua

Malaysia plane lies? …TB Joshua

Said TB Joshua on the 14th March:”They should look between Indonesia and Indian Ocean because the particles of the plane has scattered and gone everywhere”

Joshua said that the pilot of the plane “lost signal, lost his bearings” causing the plane to be “diverted.” According to him, “there are some strange people inside the plane; strange people that are not supposed to be inside. The pilot lost signal, the plane diverted and lost his bearings. The pilot confronted a situation he could not handle. He however, sent a word of consolation to the families of the passengers and added that the whole thing has come to an end; they will discover the plane; particles, and everything will end any moment from now.

Analysts say TB Joshua contradicted himself on the cause of the plane’s fate saying it was because the pilot lost his bearings while at the same time blaming “strange people” on the plane.

Despite the growing factual mismatch, some analysts hold Joshua to be a man of accurate prophecies, and they put to his credit predictions such as the death of Michael Jackson, and that of former President of Malawi Bingu Wa-Mutharika. Others however say these predictions were obvious guesses since some of these people before their deaths had traceable medical reports showing their conditions were worsening.

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