Ten Deadly Animals You Probably Want To Stay Away From

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Aug 30th, 2014
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The world is a dangerous place, we always knew that but did we always know that some of the friendliest most docile animals can be the most dangerous when provoked?… Well, that is why we are here to educate you and protect you from some of the harshest realities of this world. Checkout out this list of animals you do not want to mess with:

1. Mosquito

Are you surprised this little bastards are the deadliest? These little devils can spread elephantiasis, malaria, yellow fever, west nile virus… to mention but a few. They kill over a million people every year… Baygon doesn’t sound so expensive now does it?

2. The Carpet Viper

Among all snakes, the carpet viper cause most of the snake bite deaths world wide. It’s poison will stop a victims blood from coagulating meaning if you don’t die from the venom you will die from bleeding. Ridiculous!!! Although not as venoumous as the inland Taipan viper, which in itself is quite docile and doesn’t go looking for people to bite. These snakes are baddos.

3. The African Lion

African because they are hungry (Please don’t be angry with me, but it’s true). They have razor sharp teeth, Strenght and amazing speed. As a matter of fact the fe,ales do most of the hunting and they can go as far as killing Giraffes. Incredible isn’t it. Don’t keep a pet lion ooo…. Not an African one atleast.

4. The Crocodile

I suppose this one goes without saying yeah? If you want to die, go and mess with a crocodile. this bastards can go a month without eating. Weeks in a statue like position to avoid being seen just to trap their prey. Patient hunters is what I like to call them. Don’t be an impatient dinner ooo. God bless us all.

5. Elephants

Adorable as they are, Young and big. As a matter of fact they are considered friendly, but elephants have been known to be very unpredictable. They will kill the guy who has been feeding them for years for no absolute reason. and don’t forget they are the largest mammal there is. So… keep your distance for your own safety.

6. Cape Buffalo

Also popularly called “Black Death” and only found in Africa. I suppose the nickname should be enough for you no? This ones will stay and fight lions trying to hunt them, If they are outnumbered, they will circle around and come back to attack the predator. they are that confident and aggressive. they will kill you where you stand… Because BLACK DEATH!!! SWEG!

7. Grizzly Bear

Obviously! Usually brown and 8 feat tall when standing. Despite the size, these bastards will run and catch Usain bolt if they are hungry enough. They are fast! And if it’s a female with cubs, it doesn’t care if you were trying to attack. It will atack you and kill you where you stand, because motherly love.

8.Great White Shark

15 feet long  this one’s aren’t too picky with what they eat but they generally don’t like to eat humans because you are too bony for their taste. they like fatty seals and what not. Infact the great white shark will first test bite you to see if you have plenty meat before going in for the kill. Because you are a pot of meat, test biting is necessary.

9. Australian Box Jellyfish

Most poisonous marine animal known to man. A sting from this suckers will stop your heart (Not in a I saw a pretty girl and my heart stopped kind of way)… It has up to 60 tentacles, each growing as long as 15 feet. The tentacles are covered in cnidocysts, and each cnidocyst is equipped with a tiny needle and a load of toxin that, added together, could kill 50 people. I’m scared from typing this even.

10. Hippopotamus

Hippos are usually found in Africa and are responsible for more human fatalities on the continent than any other large animal. they are not kidding with anyone. They will defend their territory if you trespass and they will do so with lethal force. They will stop you and they will stop at nothing to do so.



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