The Dirty Politics of the Governor of Lakes State, Matur

By IAfrica
In South Sudan
Sep 2nd, 2014

By: Johnson Makuac Makur, RUMBEK, SEPT/02/2014, SSN;

Upon the passing of a resolution by National Legislative Assembly to have him removed by the President, the Caretaker Governor of Lakes State, Matur Chuut Dhuol, has immediately launched a wave of scathing attacks on the Honorable House. In a bid to try to weave something out of nothing he also embarked on very dirty politics of deceit and trickery.

The way the Caretaker Governor is vigorously fighting back against the Assembly and the hoax games he is already applying to hold to position indicate that he is not only part of the security failure in Lakes State but he also justifies the overwhelming claim that he is a harsh, ruthless and dirty man.

The National Legislative Assembly passed the motion for his removal out of public concern. The motion to have him removed was authored by a Member of Parliament representing Rumbek Centre in the National Assembly.

So, it is imperative that proper research and grounds on moving the motion against him were evaluated before it was finally tabled before the Assembly.

Secondly, the same motion for his removal coincided with reports of the three Ministers for Defense, National Security and Interior who visited Lakes for fact findings. The three ministers are the people entrusted with the security affairs in the entire country. That their reports coincided with the debate of a motion in the Assembly is nobody’s but God’s making.

One of the key things about the reports of the three ministers is that the Caretaker Governor has completely lost the trust and confidence of people. He has allowed crimes to happen. He is not fair with himself, with God and with the people he rules.

It is a known fact even to the Governor himself that when he talks of disarmament the people of Lakes think of other things because they know under him there can never be any even and comprehensive disarmament.

Since the start of the conflicts within the Agaar community he has remained in the list of those accused of taking sides. People believe that it is not logic for the same guy who had a hand in the delivering of guns and ammunitions to be the one collecting them.

Does being a Governor change anything? It is a big No! If it happens with Matur then a leopard can change its spots.

Now it’s his close relatives and in-laws that run his government. So, where do people place their trust? “He is the same same Matur Chuut Dhuol” that is what the people believe.

He proves it every day that he is the same Gen. Matur Chuut that used to be a ruthless commander who paid no mercy at a sick soldier. He has poured insults everywhere. He has threatened everyone. And now he has gone back to what he does best – the dirty games of holding on a position at all useless cost.

Regardless of valuable advice from the Country’s President Comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit to stop all these vices, he blatantly and publicly responded in his face in the freedom square in Rumbek that he is not going to relinquish his habit of abuse and insults.

The biggest mistake he has now committed is when he ordered school children last week to come without school uniform to demonstrate on his behalf against the resolution of the National Assembly. According to me, such an act is an abuse to our children.

The young children are our future. They are innocent about politics. That they be brought out in a hot sun for free is a big abuse. If nothing is done about the use of children to wage wars then it will set a very bad precedence for everyone that shall rule Lakes State.

The Governor’s attempt to force the civil servants through the orders of his Minister of Public service failed since the people opted to lose their jobs than obey him. He had to turn to very young children to stage demonstrations under a threat that they may not be allowed to sit exams if they didn’t comply.

The Head teachers were threatened to rally the children or they face the sack. But most teachers and older students in secondary schools and upper primary refused to turn up. It was only small children who turned up against their will.

They marched on the orders of the Boss and presented a letter written by his own cabinet members to him. It was cheap and comical that a letter written in the Governor’s office goes to the children and presented again to the Governor.

It reminded us of Napoleon Bonaparte when he took the crown in his own hands and placed on his heard announcing himself the ‘Emperor’ of France. That is what they call politics in Lakes state.

By the end of the day the children went home hungry and the Governor with his entourage headed straight to Cedars Hotel for wines and barbecues.

As a leader the day you are removed is as important as the day you are appointed. Leaders are known at times of difficulties. The vibrancy with which the Caretaker Governor of Lakes fought the Assembly’s resolution portrayed his weak personality.

He abused the National Assembly in front of small children who would take no message back home. He forgot some of those children have their parents and grandparents in the same Assembly that he abused.

Lost like sheep in the wilderness, he fumbled and hurled abuse with no restraints. In doing so, he landed himself in another problem. By saying before his young audience that, “20,000 civilians were killed in December in Juba” I don’t know whether he was aware of the version he has supported.

If he knew what he was talking about then he should tell us if the civilians dying in Rumbek are a result of rebellion.

In the same week, he removed from office so many people including the State Secretary General, Mr. Chuut Nhom Lokou and Director General for the Ministry of Education. The two were appointed barely three months ago. The Director of National Security in the State whom he accused of sending the reports to the Minister of National Security has run to the city of Wau for his dear life.

Meanwhile, the Governor has sent a team of Ministers to Juba to go and plead with the President not to append his signature on the resolution passed by the National Assembly for his removal.

But the decision was made by the people through their elected representatives in the Assembly. Lakes State caucus meeting of members of three houses National Assembly, Council of States and State Assembly was held in Juba prior to the debate of the motion and it was unanimously resolved that the motion for the Governor’s removal must go through.

The writing is already on the board. People have made their decision. The choice is now with the President to either stand with the popular opinion of people or stand with one person, Matur Chuut. For us here on the ground in Lakes State our message is clear: Matur must Go!

Johnson Makuac Makur is a citizen of Lakes State working in Rumbek. He can be reached at or 0924164720

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