The fear of Somali gangs in Eastleigh

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Aug 24th, 2014

Eastleigh, the dominated Somali suburb and regional business hub is also home to hundreds of violent Somali gangs that have terrorized the residents for years.

Some prominent members of the community including religious leaders have succumbed in the hands of these young dangerous gangs.

Super power the most famous and fearful gang in the area has faced deadly infighting that has terrified the residents recently.

In one incident last week, four of them have lost their lives after renewed infighting linked to disagreement over robbed valuables and territorial operation.

Mursal Hajji survived the group attack on broad day light in Eastleigh while driving.

He blames the group rising mess on the irresponsible parents and the corrupt Kenyan police in the neighborhood.

“They were two young boys, one of them tried to threaten me by a sharp object,” He said.

While struggling to open the window of his car one of the boys snatched his mobile phone and ran as his feeble legs could carry him but that did not stop Mursal.

“I got a traditional stick under my driver sit and chased and when he noticed that I was about to hit he threw my mobile phone on the ground,” He said

“I collected and thanked God but I am still furious about the incident,” He added.

Several incidents like that of Mursal have occurred especially during the night and when victims try to defend themselves some of them unfortunately lose their lives for just mobile phones.

The groups’ tactics of robbing has changed from time to time depending on situation and targeted personalities.

The latest tactic is so humorous in that people cannot notice if it is real robbing incident or just a mere Somali youths jokes.

The gang which has significant female members’ targets a well observed individual and while the attack is executed, a female member approaches from nowhere and shouts in a loud voice crying he is one who assaulted her to distract the surrounding environment to look like a robbery incident.

University student Abdifatah Rageh still bears a scar in his head that was resulted by an attack of the super power gang two years ago.

He was returning from Taraweh (Ramadan prayers) from the mosque when he was stopped by boys armed with machetes.

They robbed his handset, money and other valuables leaving him wounded.

“They attacked me with machetes and escaped with my handset and some cash,” He said.

“I sustained slight injury in my face due to the attack,” He added.

Abdifatah like any other Eastleigh resident is calling upon the government to improve the security of the area that is considered as east and central Africa business hub.

The residents’ complaint to the security agencies have fallen on deaf ears as arrested gangs are seen in the streets few days later.

Some parents who have been informed of their children being part of the gang have also rejected the claims only to find out their kids caught in the act.

On Friday a government official who spoke at one of the main mosques in the neighborhood has warned parents of the gangs saying their growing threat to the security is intolerable and the government will take stiff actions suggesting dare consequences.

Some sources have confirmed that a shot to kill was ordered for any caught in the act.

Residents are waiting government’s next move against the superpower gangs that nearly control the area or vow to take the law into their own hands for personal security.

By Mohammed Kahiye



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