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May 7th, 2014

Cartoon-for-2-5-2014On Saturday The Voice Reporter Daniel Chida was amongst a group of people who were chilling at one of the homesteads in Xhabara, Maun when a conversation about kids’ relationships started.

Man holding a cigarette: You know I don’t like it when my daughter goes to play with those boys, I know they are my neighbours but I am not comfortable with it.

I will find a way of restraining her from doing that.

Woman in shorts: What is the problem, you cannot house arrest a five-year-old girl, and she is just an innocent baby playing with the boys.

After all she does not even treat them as boys, but brothers.

Man: That relationship will grow and as soon as they go to Junior School they will start to experiment, doing things that they see on television.

Woman in jeans: I don’t know what is wrong with you, man.

Instead of giving your wife attention you give attention to useless things.

They are just kids, we were kids too, e tla bo ele mantlwane.

Man: I have a sister who visits on school vacations and whenever she is around, boys from the neighbourhood start to play by that culvert on the corner.

They will be playing music from their iPods passing here (pointing to the road in front of the yard) time and again but as soon as she goes back you won’t see any of them.

Woman in shorts: You won’t see them because they will be at school.

Man: You are taking things too simply, my daughter tells me she is going to see her boyfriend Thabo and I just keep quiet.

What will happen if this thing goes on until she is mature?

I will not be able to stop her because she has already introduced him. What about diseases?

I can see something is not well with them.

Woman in shorts: Why can’t you take the kid to her mother, I doubt she is safe with you. How can you even think of such things?

Man: I am protecting my daughter from being used, you know that at one stage one of those boys will take advantage of having grown up with her only for him to dump her after sex.

He will want nothing more to do with her afterwards claiming to be looking up to her as a sister. I don’t want that.

It will be painful for her.

Woman in jeans: Looking on the bright side, your daughter will always have protection from those boys and one of them may end up marrying her.

Our friend Justice will be tying knot to his childhood sweetheart, they became partners while still at school.

We should be encouraging such kinds of relationships because you know your partner and family well.

Man: Good point, but I don’t want my daughter to be married to any of those families. One of the boys there is from an abusive family and by the looks of things it is in their blood.

Meetings have been called and their elders too will come with worse stories.

I don’t want my kid to see a man beating a woman and that is quite likely if she keeps on going to that house.

Man in blue shirt: Now you are talking nonsense again.

If they do fight in the house don’t allow your daughter to go there, but you should allow those boys to play here.

Man: Batla fetsa mopako wa ngwanake.

They all burst into laughter and the reporter leaves to refill his Jameson’s.



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