The Recent ‘Report’ on the Washington Post about the OLF Has Nothing to Do with the OLF

By IndepthAfrica
In East Africa
Apr 7th, 2012

The article by Emily Wax, The Washington Post reporter, under the title “As separatists in Ethiopia disarm, a new chapter for D.C.’s Oromo community,” alleging laying down of arms and succumbing to the imposed unity of Ethiopia is inaccurate. Many Oromo nationals, who got the chance to read that article have been airing their disapproval of the said report in every possible term.


The erroneous nature of the report emanates, not only from the misrepresentation of the OLF goal and objective, but also from the list of the people who appear in the report who are not currently in the membership list of the organization. It would not be that hard for a genuine report to be prepared about the OLF since the organization’s office is listed in the Washington DC telephone directory with the right numbers and address, and the names of the officers thereof could be obtained from the Department of Justice. We regret that the reporter, probably misled by our opponents, opted to misrepresent our organization in such an embarrassing manner. We are also surprised that, despite our repeated request, the reporter failed to correct this violation of journalistic ethics. This one-sided report in The Washington Post, based on the distortion of the legitimate struggle of the Oromo people by a negligible splinter group, has infuriated not only our members, but also the Oromo people at large.

Contrary to the inaccurate report in The Washington Post, the OLF wants to make it clear to our members, supporters, the Oromo people at large, our friends and the international community that we have never revised our programme, which is the realization of the right of the Oromo people to independence, nor did we renounce the right to resort to armed struggle as long as the conditions that initially forced us to pick up the arms persists.

Our people identify very well those opportunists who, for the sake of their personal benefits, ally with our strategic adversaries and campaign against the national interest. Their effort to compensate for the total rejection they faced from the Oromo people by resorting to foreign media to be heard reveals the level of their desperation. It is a recent memory of the Oromo people that they have previously resorted to such tactics when they used the Oromo Liberation Army in the Southern Oromia Zone to appear on a foreign media, but later facilitated its surrender to the enemy. Again the imperial Ethiopianist forces with few renegades, who defected to them, are trying to use their connection in Washington DC to misuse The Washington Post to undermine the genuine OLF and declare the presence of this caricature despite the rejection by the Oromo people.

It has to be clear that under no circumstance will the desperate effort of all shades of the enemy of the Oromo people will push the struggle to falter. Time will come when The Washington Post will review such a damaging report on the legitimate struggle of the Oromo people.

Victory to the Oromo People!
April 6, 2012

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