This Animated GIF of Ferguson Protesters Throwing Rocks at Chris Hayes Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

There is a lot of negativity coming out of Ferguson. Many people feel like it’s a hopeless cycle of violence that will never end.

But the one thing that we can agree on is that seeing protesters throwing rocks at MSNBC’s Chris Hayes restores our faith in humanity. Whether you’re a cop with a sniper rifle or a looter with fist full of stolen nachos, this animated GIF of rocks being thrown at the smuggest man on the smuggest news network in America shows that there is hope for all of us.

Chris Hayes, like so many other hacks, headed to Ferguson because he was too lazy to go to Gaza. So many reporters have decided to make the story of Ferguson about them. Hayes wanted to make it about him.

But then he got rocks thrown at his head. As if it really was Gaza.

And though we may be divided by race, gender and creed, we can all feel a moment of solidarity as we watch Chris Hayes awkwardly dodge rocks while trying to keep his glasses on his head.

It’s a moment that reminds us of our common humanity. It tells us that no matter how bad things get in this country, we’ll always have this animated GIF of people throwing rocks at Chris Hayes.

… and for those who can’t get the GIF to work, here’s the video