Three killed, two wounded in armed robberies in West Darfur

Three people were killed and two injured d in armed robberies in West Darfur on Saturday.

A relative of one of the dead told Radio Dabanga that “government-backed militiamen on Saturday morning, at about 4am stormed the village of Habila Kanari, located 4km east of West Darfur’s capital of El Geneina. They shot at Suleiman Mohamed Hassan, Mukhtar Hassan Abdallah Abdal Rahim, and another young man. They died instantly. Maryam Mousa sustained injuries.”

The militiamen robbed the villagers of all their belongings and livestock. “They took everything, even children’s clothes, jerry cans, and chicken. They left at about 8am.”

In another incident on Saturday, gunmen stole a vehicle of West Darfur State’s government near El Geneina. They shot the guard of the governor, a listener told Radio Dabanga. “He was seriously injured and had to be transferred to a hospital in El Geneina in for treatment.”

File photo: Gunmen ride through El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur (2007, Jess Heugel Media)


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