Tigraye Rep. officially disowns the indomitable lion of Dogali, Ras Alula

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Dec 3rd, 2012

By Getahune Bekele

“ The great Abyssinian chief Ras Alula is at present a person of much interest to the Italians, and the Reforma is publishing a sketch of his life, in the course of which it is stated that he is the son of Abyssinian peasants.”

The Paul mall Gazette, April 12, 1887

“Ras Alula developed great military skill, and for many years was regarded as one of the greatest Abyssinian Generals.”

The New York Times, Feb 27, 1879

Eritrean born top TPLF warlord Bereket Simeon is currently on a new mission alongside another anti-Ethiopian hireling Sibehat Nega, an Ignoramus who regards Ethiopia’s rich history as an offence that should be erased.

Few days after the ruling minority junta announced the pending removal of statues of martyred bishop Abune Petros and emperor Menilik, Tigraye republic officially disowned her own anti- colonial war hero, Ras Alula Engida (pictured) by removing the obelisk which commemorates the battle of Dogali from the only school named after him in his home province of Tigraye, Tembein zone of Abi-Adie town.

According to the Horn Times Tigraye zone reporters, the up graded and modernized high school was renamed “Meles Zenawi comprehensive high school” on November 21, 2012.

Speaking at the ceremony, TPLF cc member commander Yetbarek Aleneh told the visibly unhappy crowd that “ those who call  themselves opposition parties  must worship Ras Alula in Addis Ababa or Asmara…or even in Washington Dc, where they live as fugitives…not here in Tigraye. We have created a new Tigraye with the blood of our children, not with Alula’s blood.”

However, after the ceremony, a miner scuffle broke out between armed TPLF security personnel and the residents of Abi-Adie town who strongly objected to the name change and threatened to burn down the school.

Several arrests were made.

Ras Alula, the gallant military commander who historians usually compare to Hannibal of the ancient Cartage, was born near the town of Mekele, the capital of Tigraye and became a household name when he ambushed an Italian battalion of 500 men, led by Colonel Tommaso De Cristofori, in Dogali near the port city of Massawa, present day Eritrea, on 26 January 1887 and killed almost all the invaders in just few hours of fierce battle.

His huge statue topped with a red star was erected in Dogali during the communist rule in Ethiopia and January 26 used to be a national holy day before TPLF came to power in May 1991.

Nevertheless, Ras Alulas’ monument was blasted by EPLF, Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (shabia) commander Petros Solomon in 1989 in the presence of the late fuehrer Meles Zenaw’s father, Ato Zenawi Asres, a traitor who fought alongside the Italians during the second Italo-Abyssinian war.

To the 500 Italians killed by the patriots, the massive monument erected in their honor is still standing in Rome’s famous Piazza Dei Cinquecento while TPLF warlords, who descended from families of traitors, try to destroy Ethiopia’s own war memorials.

Furthermore, despite the juntas vile attempt to eradicate history, in the pristine smoggy ravines of the north, the golden belt of Ethiopian patriotism, shepherds are singing about the heroics of this gallant soul called Ras Alula Aba-Nega…as they did for generations…

“He is as fair as angel,

And strong as a lion,

Swift-footed as a leopard,

Sly as a fox,

Wise as Solomon,

Generous as a king,

Is most valiant of all,”


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