Tigres start evacuating as Zenawi sneaked out of the country for cancer Treatment

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Jul 9th, 2012

By Getahune Bekele

The withering and dying tyrant, Leggese Zenawi of Ethiopia is back in Belgium    for the third time in less than two months. He is expected to receive yet another extensive cancer treatment.

The cold-blooded murderer who stole the 2005 election and governs with savage brutality is on deathbed and there is a strong possibility that he might not make it this time.

The bigoted warlord left for Brussels on the night of 7 July 2012, but the news of his departure was kept under utmost secrecy for the sake of maintaining social order and to prevent Ethiopians from attacking the ruling party members and the Tigres who led a voluptuous life at the expense of 80 million indigent Ethiopians.

According to a report posted last night on the Ethiopian Review website, two Tigre warlords, Tedros Adhanom, and Zenawi’s lap dog Brihane Gebrekristos are guarding the palace as acting prime ministers.

The Horn Times undercover reporters in Addis Ababa also revealed that one of the most ruthless Tigre murderers,Gen Samora Unise is now in charge of Addis Ababa’s security with the feared and hated federal police boss Workeneh Gebeyhu deputizing.

Fearing the latent anger of the Ethiopians might explode, the TPLF central command has reportedly ordered all multifarious Tigre Generals in both the police and the army, to be on full alert to evacuate citizens of the Tigraye republic.

Moreover, as the uncertainty lingers, some Tigres have already left the capital Addis Ababa in droves.

The Horn Times reporters witnessed unusual activity at Merkato bus terminals as hundreds of disorderly Tigres jostling to buy tickets for destinations like Mekele,Adigrat,Adwa and Axume,all Tigre towns modernized and turned in to world class cities in the past 21 years by money borrowed in the name of Ethiopia.

“Tigraye republic is the worlds’ only Apartheid state yet to declare her independence,” according to a political analyst who choose to remain anonymous.

“In spite of the assurance given to them by the TPLF, more Tigres are sending their Kids back to Tigraye before Tigraye schools re-open in September to save them from the humiliation of being vilified by non Tigre kids. To Tigres, honestly speaking, it is clear that Zenawi has been caught up with the brevity of life. He no longer provides them with privileges of first class citizens…”Continues the analyst.

“you could see the panic on every Tigre’s face. They know that they have backed a criminal regime for 21 years. It is quite surprising to see them treating themselves as illegal immigrants “concludes the analyst who is still living in Addis Ababa.

The tyrants wife Azeb Mesfin, her daughter Shemehal Meles; warlords Sibehat Nega and Bereket Simeon, have not been seen in public and it is not clear if they are still in the country.


The situation in the capital and other big cities remains tense.





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