Time to End Transition Rule in North Somalia

Foreign Minister must serve the nation and avoid behaving like the previous transitional authority.

Any tribal or territorial dispute must be left alone for our traditional elders and the ministry of Interior. We must not favor one tribal entity over another and the government’s public position must remain uniform. We cannot allow small territorial entities to dictate the destiny of the majority and the state. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud must be firm, assertive and crack the whip before small entities hijack the long awaited process. The president must stand courageously against elements that could undermine Somalia’s long awaited recovery. From now on he must make and standby decisions of his own to signal his independence from the influences of small and bent forces.

Ending transitional rule

With the south completing its political process from transitional rule to permanent government, the new administration must expand its control over all territories. This means bringing Somaliland under the federal rule fold and defining clear regional borders between her and Puntland region.

The permanent government in Mogadishu must be supported to ensure it reaches all of its citizens including the neglected and often forgotten northern Somalis. Somaliland, like its TFG counterpart, must uphold its original promise and make way for the national government. We cannot end one transitional administration and still allow others to hijack parts of the country.

Nations such as Great Britain should understand the days of colonial rule are long gone and there is no point of misleading the northern communities. A wise choice would be to reopen their embassy in the Somali capital and be committed to the sacred Somali unity. There is no point misleading a place even the British Empire with its vast wealth and global resources failed to run effectively.

Isaq people like myself have given up on the isolation works. In most cases, it is best for one to swallow his/her own pride and do what is right for the people. I must equally point out that the south owes us no apology for the mistakes of the long-gone Siad Bare regime. All Somalis equally, directly or indirectly, suffered under him and from his rule and legacies. Bare’s fury created a ripple effect that left us all stateless and displaced. The goal for us now should be to embrace each others and put the past to rest. As the Red Indians used to say, we need to bury the hatchet.

Northern Somalis are eagerly waiting for a permanent solution to help alleviate the long decades of suffering and isolation. They are no longer willing to allow few to barricade them in complete darkness. The dark tunnel of fear is slowly getting illuminated.

In 1960, it was their choice to be part of the bigger Somali family and again today, their desire remains the same. They must not be alienated, stigmatized or suspected of anything. The Somali family, as usual not entirely free of dysfunction, is once again moving in the right direction together.

It is time the likes of Silanyo and his lieutenant Hersi Ali Haji Hassan (Hersi Gaab) accepted the will of the Somali people in the north. The days of barricading them in the former residential home of wanted General Hersi Morgan are long gone. North Somalis must rise up without violence and say no to another two decades of total darkness and international isolation. Time is overdue to end the Somaliland transition. We cannot be chasing our own tails every year from north-to-south and vice-verse. It is time to shift all small entities and unlawful tribal rules for good.

By Abdisamad Mooge “Kayse”

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