Top Five Bizarre One Hit Wonders In Nigerian Entertainment

By IAfrica
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Aug 26th, 2014

Might seem harsh to most that we decided to compile a list of the worst cases of 1 hit wonders but it’s not as bad as you think. Most of the people on this list are doing fine. Or atleast we would like to think so, but appearances as they say aren’t always what they seem.

1. Iyanya with Kukere

Bet you didn’t see that coming did ya? Here is bitter truth no one wants to admit, this guy has been working hard day and night putting out new music in attempt to rediscover the fiery form he had with D’tunes when they put out Kukere together. Like he’s literally just churning out music left and right and staying in the game. Even though he has made many great songs since Kukere, none of these songs have come anywhere near what he did back then and it’s highly doubtful it will ever happen again.

2. Flowssick with LowKey

This one is a bit sadder than most would like to admit, he had it all planned, Got the hit and shot the video with Clarence Peters, had a remix with Ice Prince and a bunch of other big names, had his tape lunched at Silverbird Galeria… Big things people, big things. Until it was time to drop another song, all he had to do was drop another decent song… And then everyone realized how talent-less the young man was. He even left his label, went to another label then came back to his original label. All while assaulting twitter followers who voiced their concern about his lack of creativity. I hope he’s doing well now though. But damn this is unfortunate.

3. K9 with Kokoma

Many might say this man’s demise was never his fault. Signed fresh to Eldee’s Tribes Men and doing things, came out with Kokoma and shook the entire nation. Ghanaias felt the earthquake too. And then no Video or follow up tracks for over a year. No nothing! Infact when the mediocre “Video” for the song came out Eldee claimed it was a leak. Meaning they weren’t even gonna put it out. And now the Young man is trying to put his music career back on track. Maybe just a little too late now.

4. Olu Maintain with Yahooze

Well, this one pretty much explains itself. everyone sang Yahooze without wanting too. For over a year this was all you would hear at parties… Infact for years everyone did the dance step and what not. And he seems to have made quite a bit of money from that period. More than a bit infact, that’s the only legitimate excuse we could possibly have for his lavish lifestyle. He has made very decent come backs with tracks like Nawti but…Nah. Sorry Mr. Olu, you made our list.

5. Esther with Chinwe Ike

I have to say as far as painful goes, this has to be the most painful one to make this list. Esther was a gospel singer, she put out a solo track Chinwe Ike. It was so good it caught on like wild fire. So good I had muslim friends who sang this song, they hummed it, loved it. In fact it was around that time when 2face Idibia was the biggest thing in Nigeria/African music. 2Face reached out and made a remix of this song with her. And then there was nothing… She was gone and nowhere to be found. Till date I still have no idea what happened or why she simply disappeared. Weird.

Honorable Mentions

Kelly Handsome with Maga Don Pay with Pass Me Your Love

Faze with Kolomental

This is our list of Top Five Bizarre One Hit Wonders… Hope you liked it. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this list, use the comments section below.

Till Next Time.

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