Tosin Ayeronwi, Talented Fashion Designer & Painter

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In Nigeria
Jul 25th, 2014


Funsho Arogundade

In this generation of smart phone kids, internet, fast cars, clubbing and parties, it’s awe inspiring to find a teenager with lofty ideas and a positive mindset. 14-year old Ayeronwi Oluwatosin is one teenager doing great things.

Tosin as she’s fondly called at home and at school is indeed a girl of many parts. She is a super talented and super gifted young lady with limitless ambitions and dreams of being a world class fashion stylist, painter, celebrity and entrepreneur.



Personality-wise, she’s fun loving, comfortable, shy, intelligent and focused. However when it comes to her passion which is arts (fashion and painting), she’s super creative, focused and very determined to get to the very top.

“I love fashion as it is, because I feel it’s a way you express yourself, culture and what you love, and I find fashion as a way of getting away from people, it makes me happy as person to be able to do stuffs I love,” she said.

Like every other industry, the fashion industry is growing and it’s growing at an alarming rate too. And little Tosin has this to say about the growth.

“I feel it’s blowing up, people are stepping out of their comfort zone doing what they love, incorporating Ankara designs, and I can see myself growing with the trend too,” she enthused.

A visit to her studio where she designs at her parents’ home unveils yet another creative part of Tosin.

She draws and is quite good at it too. Her drawings cut across still life to abstracts that are simply best understood by her.

Her words: “Each drawing represents my personality. I am a teenager, so I always try to incorporate designs that people would love to wear. Designs that are fun and entertaining, I pick designs that are honest to my nature about what I do, I also like sophisticated designs that stands out, it makes you look modern and trendy”. As a budding painter, Tosin said: “I love painting, it’s also a way I express myself. It means different things to different people, but I just love the way it feels. When you paint you are able to express yourself”.

As the saying goes, the future belongs to those who dream and pursue their dreams, and for Tosin, she foresees a brighter future.

“In the very near future, I’ll be showing off my talent to the world. First of all, I’ll need to finish up my school and then start up my fashion business. I can see myself as a top celebrity in Nigeria and all over the world. I want people to notice and recognize my work when they see them,” she summed.

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