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By IAfrica
In Zimbabwe
Mar 18th, 2014

OpinionDear Editor

It is embarrassing to us bona fide MDC-T supporters that we are being led to the verges of a steep cliff by Morgan Tsvangirai. He is actively participating in self contradiction and personal aggrandizement. On one hand he is extending an invitation call to founding members of the original MDC which saw the likes of Job Sikhala bouncing back, while on the other he is enforcing the extinction of cornerstone party pillars like Elton Mangoma and Tendai Biti.

He can’t see the crystal-clear contradiction in himself. He wants to re-create the former formidable MDC which came to the political landscape with a bang, while simultaneously he forgets its founding principles, values, goals, ideologies and vision.

It’s a folly that Biti and Mangoma are crucified for upholding MDC founding cardinal principles which are anchored on democracy, transparency, accountability, tolerance and fundamental freedoms which embrace freedom of expression, action, hold opinion and association. It is mind boggling to note that Tsvangirai cannot acknowledge any of these elementary philosophical issues which constitute the bedrock of the party. Certainly even those coming to rejoin the party should have an in-depth rethink before ensnaring themselves to the democratic movement, turned into a repressive haven like the Guantanamo Bay, by its autocratic leader who is ready to crush dissentients using snarling dogs, which are ever growling showing side-teeth to induce fear in all opponents.

I was thinking to myself how the vocal and democratic minded Job Sikhala would stay in this party headed by a serial dictator. Surely, I anticipate fireworks in the new MDC which is on the making. It’s either democrats like Sikhala will ship-out, or Tsvangirai will chased out the party.

History repeats itself. The infamous Robespierre in the 17th Century French Revolution introduced the guillotine to behead any dissent voice against his autocratic leadership. This resulted in thousands of people losing their lives. His term of office and end to the ruthless killings eventually ended when he was sent for beheading by his own guillotine which he had used to eliminate all criticism against him. That marked the immediate restoration of sanity. Tsvangirai is a perfect replica of the same as I see it.

MDC cannot suppress democracy all in the name of serving this failed political vagabond. Honestly guys, Tsvangirai can’t frustrate every one of us while we watch as if it’s an action movie where we wait to see how the protagonist maneuvers his way to extricate himself wisely out of the artificial predicament as defined by the script. We need to restore the party structures urgently so that we remove this tried and tested failure that has let us down since 2000.

How can he be determined to remove Biti and Mangoma who negotiated vigorously during the political settlement of 2008-2009 which earned him the post of the Right Honourable Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe? A post he never dreamt he could achieve considering his successive poll losses to President Robert Mugabe since formation of the party. He is shooting himself in the feet. And he needs to be reminded that he is less than the party!

If Movement for Democratic Change is real in its democratic thrust, Tsvangirai should leave party presidency now and pave way for others to try their best in the interest of democracy. His opinion that “At half-time you can only change players not the referee” is wicked. If the referee demonstrates outright incompetency, there is no rule even in soccer, which states that he should continue till end of the game. He can be replaced!

Such mentality custody in Tsvangirai reflects that he is cast-in-stone, and he is an incompatible component of democracy. Therefore let’s configure the party now to nip repression in the bud!

Morgan Tsvangirai Must Go Now!

Suitable Kajau

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