Tsvangirai warns of possible election disaster

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Aug 28th, 2012

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai cautions that tampering with the draft constitution could spell disaster for the elections. Tsvangirai has rejected President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party’s proposed amendments to the draft Constitution and is calling for the draft to the taken to the public.

MDC says a new constitution is central to elections and to reform Zimbabwe. He added “if the process collapses, it is will spell doom to prospects of credible, free and fair elections.”

Over the weekend, Zanu PF convened an emergency meeting where they tasked Mugabe to negotiate with his coalition party leaders, the inclusion of over 30 amendments to the draft, saying the draft in its current state does not reflect the people’s views.

The Zanu PF draft strengthens presidential powers over parliament including in the right to declare war and explicitly outlaws homosexuality, same sex marriage and dual citizenship.

It also scraps a proposed independent prosecuting authority, clauses giving more executive authority to provincial governments and gives complete immunity from prosecution to the president.

Meanwhile, President Jacob Zuma’s, appointed facilitation team in the Zimbabwe crisis, is in Harare today to try to negotiate an end to the stalemate over the draft constitution. sabc

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