Tunisia: Resignation Of Prime Minister Expected

By IndepthAfrica
In North Africa
Jan 9th, 2014



The National Constituent Assembly (CNA) will vote nine members for the election of the Superior Independent Electoral Instance (ISIE).


“This is the most important stage of the period of transition to democracy”, said CNA president, Mustapha Ben Jaafar, inaugurating the plenary session dedicated to the vote, which had been postponed several times because of political differences. To be elected, members of the electoral body must obtain the consent of two -thirds of the 217 MPs who sit in the CNA.


The negotiations over the establishment of the ISIE, which will be responsible for organizing the next general election, have been hampered by the tug of war between the Islamists from Ennhada and its allies in the government and the opposition. In addition, the Administrative Justice has canceled he formation of ISIE twice because of protocol issues.


Since last Friday, the Constituent Assembly has also been considering a new Constitution and 300 related amendments. So far,t 139 , were approved by a majority of two-thirds of the participants. Last night’s vote was dismissed, however, due to the failure to reach a consensus between the majority and the opposition over Article 45, which deals with women’s rights.


According to the political agreement signed by the end of 2013 the main political forces in Tunisia – with the mediation of the powerful union UGTT , Ennahda has pledged to leave the government after the adoption of the new Constitution and the formation of the electoral body. A non-political executive under the leadership of Prime Minister-designate, Mehdi Jomaa, will lead the country toward elections. The official TAP news agency said – citing the Ettakatol Party, which said that in the coming hours, Prime Minister Ali Larayedh may already decide to resign. On paper, the Constituent must complete the two tasks by January 14 , the deadline set by the agreement and symbolic date that corresponds to the third anniversary of the overthrow of former President Ben Ali.

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