Ugandan rebels kill six in northeastern DR Congo

By benim
In DR Congo
Jun 15th, 2011

The Ugandan rebel group Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) launched several attacks against numerous villages in the region of Dungu, northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), over the last five days, killing at least six people, a local organization said Tuesday.

According to civil society Dungu Center, the rebels also plundered goods and properties from these villages.

The latest attack took place on Monday at Gangala na Bodio, over 80 km away from Dungu Ituri, as two hawkers carrying goods on motorbikes were ambushed by fighters from the LRA.

Last Thursday, the Dungu Center also reported another attack in which two civilians were killed and another was kidnapped.

The center has called on local authorities to tighten security to protect the citizens.

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