UK prosecutor indicts Ibori’s wife, Delta gov

UK prosecutors trying former Delta State first lady Theresa Nkoyo Ibori, on Friday, painted a detailed portrait of Mrs Ibori’s extensive role in her husband’s looting of public funds. The prosecutors also implicated current Delta State Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, in the multiple fraudulent deals through which Mr Ibori allegedly looted the treasury.

Mr Uduaghan is Ibori’s cousin and handpicked successor.

Friday’s closing statement was also a preview of the case that UK prosecutors are likely to make if they succeed in getting Mr. Ibori extradited to the UK from Dubai. Ibori recently appealed a ruling by a judge in Dubai that he should be sent to the UK to face money-laundering charges.

Lead prosecutor Sasha Wass, QC told the jury that Mrs. Ibori paid £2.2 million pounds in cash for a swanky home in Hampstead less than two years after her husband’s inauguration as governor. Ms. Wass, QC told the jury that not only did former Governor James Ibori obtain the house by fraudulent means but also that Mrs Ibori was aware of it since her husband put her in charge of the transaction.

The Crown prosecutors described the fraudulent acquisition of the Hampstead property as the beginning of Mrs Ibori’s rise to extreme wealth.

Ms Wass asked the jury to consider the Iboris’ criminal record, including their conviction in the UK for petty theft a few years before Mr Ibori maneuvered his way into the governor’s mansion in Asaba.

Prosecutors also laid out how US authorities investigated Ibori’s million-dollar deposit in a US bank in 1994. She told the jury that US law enforcement agents concluded that Ibori lied when he claimed to have received the funds for consultancy

– Tribune