Unfulfilled Relationships

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Aug 25th, 2014

Article not written by me…but it’s quite interesting. Enjoy…

Ikenna Ezechukwu turned away from his wife Amaka, once again disgusted with himself.  Once again, he had failed to satisfy his wife, only lasting 3 minutes in bed.

He muttered, “why is this happening to me?” He was not sexually promiscuous and was a loyal young man, and a dedicated Christian, but this issue had become rampant of late.  He wondered whether it was his work on the island, and his daily 4 hoursojourn in Lagos Traffic daily that was responsible. Continue…

Amaka tried to comfort him, once again hiding the deep disappointment she felt. Before marrying Ikenna, she had been sexually adventurous, and enjoyed sex to the fullest.  She had turned a new leaf on marrying Ikenna, but she missed the feeling of being a woman.

She had run into her ex boyfriend Adeniran Johnson, who was back in the country, after 3 years in the UK. They had run into each other at Shoprite, and once she shook his hand, her body began to tingle, as she remembered the mind-blowing orgasms she had experienced with him.  He had given her his business card, and though she loved Ikenna very much, she was beginning to consider the idea of calling Niran. She needed to feel like a woman again.

Chief Abdulazeez Jinadu, was not in a very good mood. He was very successful by Nigerian standards, with three beautiful children educated at the best schools abroad, and blessed with a very beautiful wife Abike who was well endowed in all the right places.  They enjoyed a very good relationship, and the sex had always been great.  Chief was a well-endowed man, and he did not joke with satisfying his wife in anyway possible.  But of late, especially some months after his 50th birthday, he had noticed a decrease in his sexual prowess, and Abike had begun to nag incessantly. Even at the age of 45, Abike still lusted for him in her bed, and he had to “meet up”.  Chiefs concubines had even began to complain. Chief felt a pang of nostalgia, as he remembered his younger days, where he was used to “Slaughtering” any thing in skirt that crossed his path.

“50 years old or not, I must still perform”, he muttered to himself, as he pondered on the solution to his dilemma…

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