Unheard Voices Exhibition Moved To 15th Feb.

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Feb 4th, 2014

By: David Mawuli

Unheard Voices

Unheard Voices

After a series of workshops for some selected underprivileged children in Accra coordinated by Ghanaian dynamic musician Delasi, the grand final of the workshop has been slated on the 15th February, 2014. It will be held at the same venue; Goethe Institut of culture beside NAFTI.

The project ‘Unheard Voices’ is a co-operation with a Danish NGO, 100% to the children and Ghanaian artiste Delasi, working under the ‘reframing the message’ concept.

‘Reframing the message’ is a Danish campaign working to change the general perception of developing countries amongst the Danish people. In the ‘Unheard Voices’ project the overall objective is to support children and the youth in Accra is to develop their talents and take part in developing the art culture of Ghana.

Specifically, the children will gain musical skills they can use as an anchor and drive to create positive change in their lives. The idea behind the workshops is simple: these children are agents in their own lives – not victims – and music can be one of the tools they can use to grasp new opportunities.

The project had five workshops with selected underprivileged children from Accra and will do five songs and a video. This will be used for the ‘Reframing the Message’ campaign in Denmark. The children went through series of trainings under music composition, performance, arts and comedy coaching.

So far, all the participated children have developed their own talents and will display on the exhibition day  to entertain their audience. Some dignitaries to grace the occasion are Mr. Robert Sobotta, Director of Goethe Institut and some executives from the UN and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

This project would not be possible without our partner Goethe Institut with support from CAS, Thinkghmusic.com and New Morning Foundation & Creative Centre.

Below are some of the workshop photos.

Source: David Mawuli

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