upnd-lusaka-zambia-reportsThe opposition UPND has responded to PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba’s myopic understanding of the need to give Zambians a new constitution.

Below is the response

Kabimba: The constitution will not be decided by a small
group of educated Zambians who use Chizungu

Our response: Every Zambian has a right to the constitution. You as a lawyer and Justice minister must know this and be the first to defend it.

Kabimba: They mocked Mr Sata and never attended his rallies

Response: Don’t you think they are vindicated now what with expensive mealie meal, fuel and unprecedented anarchy
Kabimba: The people that voted for Michael Sata don’t even
speak Chizungu. They live in Kanyama.

Our response: Are you sure everyone who lives in Kanyama doesn’t speak Chizungu or you are just ‘sabailaling’ in usual PF style?

Kabimba: When we speak to them they tell us that they
want development first, they want roads, better
health care and good education

Our response: But why then are you not giving them roads, better health care and good education in Kanyama?
If anything, who told you that the constitution is mutually exclusive to good roads, health care and good education. If anything a good constitution grants these things.
Also is it not at those same rallies which you attended where Mr Sata was lying that he would deliver the constitution within 90 days of being elected?

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