US American As we Know it!!

By IndepthAfrica
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Aug 12th, 2012

Don’t be persuaded by the rhetoric about US is a capitalist nation where individuals pull themselves up by their own boot straps. To the extent such is true, make no mistake about it, US America is a giant welfare country whereby both the rich and poor folks alike have all benefited from some form of hand-outs. Many in US would not have owned a home, attend college, be in business and support a family without some form of social program doled out by the government of which both conservatists and liberals have all enjoyed.

There are no ANGELS in politics – Just ANGLES!

Human exercise denoted by political engagement is not without faults and faulty reasoning. When we in America mount the podium to speak as if we are Saints, I laugh at such folly because the wind has blown hard on the chicken and we now see what the feathers have been covering all along. If it makes us to feel good saying we are the ‘Best’ in the world, we must remember there are only 300m+ of us and statistically, it is highly improbable that the rest 5.8b people elsewhere are waiting for America to tell them what to do. When we stop discussing US/us in superlative terms; biggest, best, and so forth, it may make us sensitive/cognizance to conducts that have being allowed to gain undue root in our national and foreign outlook.

It is time we acknowledged that we have lost focus and we need to internalize in order to re-launch. US America is no longer the only game in the world. There are options and as a result, US America is having difficulty gaining grounds in areas were it some years ago, we would have dictated the terms and conditions. No more. US America must come to the table like everyone else and make its case, with humility and respect for others. In US, we hate being dictated to but on foreign policy, US likes to dictate. Now reconcile that.

US America needs structural reform in order to redirect it strength and acknowledge its weakness; they go hand in hand. No one should only preach conservatism or liberalism, as the ultimate solution.

Politics is about balance with sense before slogan. Many in US America join a bandwagon because it feels good to be so-and-so. At the end, no one rejects money coming from either the Democrats and or Republican, if their livelihood depends on it and often, it does. What is good for America can never be gained being unduly strict and insensitive to the plight of many who have been marginalized by policies of discrimination, bad government regulations, laws and racial treatments. For those who may not know; Zoning as a land use regulation, was introduced in US in the 20s as a way to keep blacks out of certain places.

As I listened to Paul Ryan, Romney’s running mate speak about how America is such a country of Freedom where all is allowed to pursue happiness. I was struck that he skipped the history of US America at its inception when blacks who at some point in the history constituted about 25% of US population and owned/occupied a third of its land, were not allowed Freedom and were considered property. White women did not vote when they too were part and parcel of contributing ideas through their husbands that formed the nation. And some years ago, US Senate acknowledged issuing a resolution that part of the language used in drafting US constitution were lifted from constitution of native Americans of Iroquois tribe. Making one wonder was that plagiarism?

Therefore, as we speak to Freedom, we should tone it down and seek to speak to the history of US America which on a dig-down-deeper scenario shows a nation that once maligned and marginalized a section of its citizenry while hoisting a ‘holier than thou’ stance as a Christian nation. We as a nation may have repented and atoned for our sins, it still does not mean the bad conducts did not happen. Freedom for all was an after thought and not the foreword in our nation’s formation.

I am reminded once again when I hear some Americans trumpet how great we are, that no one in their right sense will say their ‘mama’s soup is sour’. America will never say such even when the evidence is overwhelm. Yes, Freedom but we know better.

We must work assiduously to minimize the dichotomy in our body polity and speak to the truth and maybe, we will benefit from Jimmy Cliff’s song, ‘I can see clearly now’ and forge a coalition based on sense before slogan, truth before cant, and above all, for chivalry and humanistic ideals.

I Rest!
Dallas, Texas

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