Four children were killed when a grenade detonated inside their home in Mukjar locality, Central Darfur on Saturday.

The children had found the grenade not far from their house and taken it home. The accident occurred when they tried to remove its cover. Adam Suleiman Ismail (12) year, his brother Abakar (10) years, and his sisters Fatima (7) and Halima (5) died instantly, one of the neighbours reported to Radio Dabanga.


Today (Monday), two women were killed in East Jebel Marra when they apparently tried to break a missile into pieces. They had found the missile in the wilderness, at a distance of about 5km west of Shangil Tobaya, one of the people who found the women told Radio Dabanga.

“It looked as if the women had tried to break the missile into pieces. This must have caused its detonation. The women died on the spot.”

Years of conflict have left Darfur littered with potentially deadly explosives and munitions. Radio Dabanga appeals to listeners throughout Darfur (and elsewhere in our reception area) not to touch any ‘unexploded’ grenades or other ammunition found in the field. Mark its position clearly to alert others, and report it immediately to a camp sheikh, Unamid and/or the local police.

File photo: Display of ordnance at Unamid headquarters in El Fasher, North Darfur, on 30 January 2014 (Albert González Farran/Unamid)


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