Varsity Don Advocates OverhaulingĀ  Education System

students of Good Shepherd School

Kazeem Ugbodaga

Dr. Ayotunde Adekunle of the Department of Educational Administration, Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, UNILAG, has advocated general overhauling of the nation’s education system.

Adekunle who was the Guest Speaker at the 16th Valedictory Service and Prize-Giving Day of Good Shepherd Schools, Meiran, Lagos, southwest Nigeria at the weekend, spoke on the topic: Rethinking the Nigerian Educational Philosophy in a Post-Modern Culture: A Case for Values, Virtues and Vision.

Adekunle recommended that emphasis should be laid on the development of manipulative skills at every level of the nation’s education system.

The lecturer decried undue premium on certificates paraded by graduates of the educational institutions rather than knowledge gained or acquired, saying that if the system must move forward, certificates should be de-emphasised, while emphasis should be on performance.

“What is wrong with our education system? There is parental influence on the choice of career by their wards with little or no considerations for the academic aptitudes of such children. There is a mismatch between educational policy formulation and implementation as well as inadequate funding of education.

“Another thing that is wrong with the system is that there is irrelevance of school curriculum to the world of work and inadequate access to education. The problems of ill-motivated teacher, inadequate supervision of schools and corrupt society are also factors militating against the system,” he stated.

students of Good Shepherd School

students of Good Shepherd School

To salvage the situation, Adekunle recommended that there must be adequate funding of the education system, such that 26 percent of the nation’s annual budget will be earmarked for the education sector in line with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO.

“There should be re-orientation of the Nigerian masses; non-interference of parents in the choice of career of their wards; provision of effective guidance and counselling services in schools while curriculum of educational institutions should be made to be relevant to the demands of the industrial sector so as to make graduates of institutions fit into the world of works,” he suggested.

Director, Good Shepherd Schools, Dr. Bayo Oyeyemi appealed to the SSS 3 graduands not to derail from the morals they had been taught in school.

“You have been taught the essence of Good Shepherd education that conforms with the arc of the universal code. You have been taught self-trust; you have been taught to inspire your youthful self and godliness. Do not derail from all you have learnt here and the world will be under your feet,” he admonished the students.