Violence looms ahead of Zimbabwe election

By IndepthAfrica
In Southern Africa
Nov 22nd, 2012

The only peaceful, free and fair election in Zimbabwe was probably in 1980 when ZANU PF was confident that it enjoyed popular support which would result in resounding victory.

Thereafter, we have had a litany of shameful and farcical formalities disguised as elections as the progressively unpopular but increasingly tyrannical party sought to advance its dangerous and retrogressive ambition of a one-party state.

Three decades down the line, the ominous pipe-dream has not deserted the party despite the clarity of writing on the wall that Zimbabweans have matured politically and are determined to see a new and truly democratic dispensation evolve.

Rugare Gumbo and Patrick Chinamasa have come out in the open, unashamedly, to declare that results of the next election will be overturned unless ZANU PF wins.

Adding his voice to the moronic competition of lunacy was Lovemore Matuke who recently told a meeting in Masvingo that ZANU PF supporters will be given stickers to be affixed to their doors for easy of identification. There is no better recipe for electoral disaster!

Even the dumbest person will not struggle to see the real motive behind this development. By marking their homes with stickers, ZANU PF supporters will actually be exposing those who do not support the moribund but violent party making them easy targets for traditional and unrepentant thugs who can kill and maim an innocent neighbour for a twist of mbanje, a jar of beer or a piece of barren land. Indeed, another “moment of madness” to borrow from the geriatric emperor.

It might be relevant to revisit Exodus 12:23;

“When the LORD goes through the land to strike down the Egyptians, he will see the blood on the top and sides of the doorframe and will pass over that doorway, and he will not permit the destroyer to enter your houses and strike you down.”

Lovemore Matuke and his like-minded vampires in ZANU PF have bastardised this verse in their quest to feast on the blood of innocent Zimbabweans once again. If this insidious plan is not swiftly and effectively nipped in the bud, there will certainly be gnashing of teeth come election time.

MDC, civic society, Sadc and anybody else who cares about the future of Zimbabwe despite their geographic location, must not allow buffoons that have clearly run out of both time and ideas to drag the nation into yet another violent election.

What is there to kill or maim for other than protecting ill-gotten wealth as well as the unfounded fear of retribution for years of oppression and heinous crime?  There comes a time when people should start thinking seriously of whether those who have been involved in violent political crime over the years should continue to enjoy our good spirit of forgiveness.

What is the case for clemency where there is not even an iota of remorse? The leopard has not changed his spots despite President’s Mugabe’s call for a peaceful election. Either this call is cunningly insincere or the president has totally lost control of his party.

Whatever the case, this is dangerous and unfortunate. Recent incidents of violence in Mutoko, Zaka and other parts of rural Zimbabwe are just a microcosm of the grand plan.

Why should those who have been yearning for elections since 2009 be the ones to start sharpening instruments of violence and torture? What’s the point of calling for early elections when people will not be allowed to make their own choice without fear?

If Events and treasonous statements of the past few weeks are anything to go by, we are not going to have any semblance of a peaceful election next year. The traditional monster believes in power retention at any cost.

These cruel men and women won’t be bothered even if the country deteriorated to the levels of Somalia, Afghanistan or any other failed state as long as they and their families continue to plunder and enjoy unfettered access to national resources.

Anybody who believes in a peaceful election in this explosive environment needs to have his head examined. Recent statements made by leaders and zealots of the oppressive and recalcitrant party can’t be dismissed as mere sabre-rattling. Therefore, the question to ask is “what can we do to defend ourselves against sponsored violence and hooliganism?”

Moses Chamboko writes in his personal capacity and can be contacted at

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