VOA|WASHINGTON DC — The European Union has distanced itself from the so-called European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) that is in the country to present President Robert Mugabe with two awards for Zimbabwe being the best tourism destination and the world’s most attractive destination in 2014.

The president of the ECCT, Professor Anton Caragea, is leading the five-member delegation.

Caragea is quoted in the state-controlled Herald newspaper as saying the award is “an endorsement from the EU that Zimbabwe is ready for investment.”

But EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell’ Arricia called such statements “embarrassing.”

The ECCT is also expected to appoint Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi an academy member of its European Tourism Academy in what they say are his efforts in promoting tourism in Zimbabwe.

The outfit has also expressed an interest in investing in Zimbabwe. Some economists, speaking on condition of anonymity, warned Zimbabwe to first scrutinise such deals as they might backfire.

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