We need an exiled Synod more so now than ever

By IndepthAfrica
In Djibouti
Jan 29th, 2013

I have read an article stating that the church is not divided and why the exiled synod is not necessary abroad. The writer himself stated his reasoning of why he thought the church was divided and agreed with the idea of exiled Synod. Well, ladies and gentelmen, the very same writer has now declared the church is not divided and thus no need for an exiled Synod.

Until further notice, that is what it needs to be.

We now have a “Synod” in Addis that does not speak for the poor, powerless, and those who do not have the freedom to speak for themselves. We now have a “Synod” in Addis who cannot even speak for the monks in Waldiba. We have a “Synod” in Addis who cannot speak for even to those members’ of the “Synod” who got beaten and their house broken in bright day light. We now have a “Synod” meeting in Addis that is chaired by top echelon of the power in the government instead of the Holy Spirit.

We now have a “Synod” in Addis that smells, looks like a political appointee of the government. We now have a “Synod” in Addis that is focused on power and self worldly interest than its members that are flocking to other denominations in masses year after year. We now have a “Synod” in Addis that has lost taste of spirituality.

The death of the late Patriarch brought a golden opportunity to bring the church back to unity and reconciliation. After toying with the faithful emotions, wasted so much money for the reconciliation effort, knowing very well that the end result was redlined: hope it fails but if not break it. That is unexpected from “men of God” but that is the least of expectation from these people, it seems.

We need an exiled Synod more so now than ever. The hopeless faithful needs a free exiled leadership now that we know it’s farfetched to expect any kind of religious leadership from the illegal Synod in Addis. We need a well-organized exiled Synod to lead the church abroad, which will include the independent churches before the death of the late Patriarch and be a hope for the church in Ethiopia. That will heal the hopeless faithful and lay a foundation for the future.

I do not know the writer but I am assuming he is privy to the church and a concerned citizen should not miss this matter of fact unless it’s all, “እኔ ያልወጠወጥኩት ወጥ አይወጥወጥ” አባዜ::

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