By Olori Rossi Azubuike

Can somebody assist me in unravelling these mysteries? Because the puzzle seem difficult to solve for me.

- When the US government was after people like Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Muhmar Gaddafi, they did not back off until they saw their end. Why is Shekau’s case an exemption? Is he mightier than the aforementioned people? 

Shekau has not been captured nor our Chibok girls rescued. You might argue that what is their concern, but don’t forget that they came to us willingly and volunteered to assist us in locating them. Is there any crime in accepting charity? And moreover we believed that they are more than capable of fulfilling their promises.

- As we continue with our #‎bring_‬ back_our_girls protests and chants, so came Patrick Sawyer with Ebola virus. One report said he sneaked in. If our own immigration is slovenly what about Liberians? Were they all asleep? They must be more than slovenly for allowing any of their citizens to sneak out without their consent when they know what is bedevilling their nation. 

Another report said he came for conference in Cross River state Calabar, his widow said he came to seek proper medical attention that he lacked in his home country Liberia. Which one should we uphold as the truth? Whatever it may be, that ‘crazy man’ like my my President called him knew he was carrying bomb, because to me that virus is an explosive. 

Why did he come to our country for a conference when he knew that his co-delegates will be at risk? If his wife’s confession is anything to go by, why did he chooseNigeria? Why not Asian, European or Indian countries that have advanced and better medical facilities than us?

Is there that much difference between our health sector and that of Liberia when it is quite obvious that some Nigerians fly abroad for headache treatments? Why did Sawyer not return to the US as one of its citizens to seek medical treatment? America Probably has some of the best medical facilities in the world and they have also invented Zmapp Ebola trial drug which he could have benefitted from. 

I ask again, why did Sawyer come to Nigeria?

- It was reported that Sawyer avoided contact with his fellow Liberians while coming to Nigeria, why didn’t he do same thing to about 176 Nigerians he had contact with or did he think they have anti-Ebola or Ebola proof in their body? Why did he shake them and allow him to be touched? 

Why did he deny when asked of his Ebola status and why he reacted violently when he was told about the outcome of their diagnosis? Why did he allow our nurses to care and tend to him when he knew the gravity of his disease and the implication of their innocent caring?

- Did we hear, read anything again about Chibok Girls and their abductors since the outbreak of Ebola? Is that not a plan to divert us from searching for them and sheath our sword against Boko Haram. Have we not been cowed? What do we know about next steps of Shekau’s boys when we are busy crying about Ebola, bathing with sodium cloride plus H20, eating bitter kola nut, isolating the infected ones and buring those who have been untimely killed by that epidemic?

- Zmapp drug worked for American citizens who contracted Ebola virus in Sierra Leone but it is too early to test it on Africans or let me say Nigerians, we have to wait until July next year before we can have our own trial vaccine. Are we not having the same blood with Americans in our veins? Who is deceiving who?

- Africans have been living with Apes, Bats, Chimpazees and Monkies for time immemorial. We eat them, breed them and likewise we play with them. I doubt if there is any African who will not cherish the idea of giving a monkey a banana out of charity and fun. Why is it now that those animals become untouchable? Why now they become Ebola carrier? Well, they made us believe this notion and we have no time to question it. May be because we are Africans. It is not on record that our fore fathers died of this deadly disease.

- Don’t you think that the disease has chemical and acid inclination? The nurse who just died of the virus revealed when she was still a living soul that she didn’t have direct contact with Sawyer, rather she touched where that unscrupluos idiot touched and that was how she got her own.

Now let’s reason together, Ebola importer to Nigeria has American blood, the first trial drug for the disease was invented in America, the first people cured with the said drug are Americans, American govt just alleged that the Ebola experimental drug Nano-Silva ordered by us is pesticide, Americans captured Osama, Saddam and Gaddaffi but they failed to capture Shekau. 
American intelligence reports predicted the break of Nigeria by 2015, American Hillary Clitton said Al-Qaeda terrorist is a creation of US govt and Nigeria Boko Haram has been linked with this same network. Are these just coincidences?
All I know is that SOMETHING IS FISHY

Don’t forget #‎Nigeria‬ in your prayers.