Weak Soldier: Zambian Men in Uniform

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Aug 4th, 2014

zambia-armyMore questions continue to arise over the true strength of Zambian men in uniform with a Zambia Air Force soldier breaking his spine after a he fell awkwardly during a military drill.

The soldier who was part of military drill at the 89th Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka had dove from a ZAF plane registration number AF 7705 and landed on his back in the main arena whilst his colleague did not suffer the same fate.

The officer lay agonizingly on his back and it took a few seconds for his colleagues to notice that the military operation had gone wrong and quickly cantered him away.

Zambians are skeptical about the strength of the men in uniform and also the equipment that has seen ZAF planes increasingly get involved in accidents.

The injured officer was taken to Maina Soko Military Hospital.

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