Weather Forecast’s Impact On Aviation Safety In Nigeria

Anthony AnuforomDangerous weather conditions are major threats to aircraft movements and have caused several flight cancellation and delays around the world.

Often times these cancelations get passengers annoyed, but the safety measure has the passenger at the core of the decision.

Weather condition can cause a flight to become a nightmarish experience, as about 30 to 35 per cent of aviation accidents are weather related.

These delays in flight time are contributing to economic losses at different rates and this has emphasised the need for a proper knowledge of hazardous elements as individuals fly domestic and international airlines.

In this edition of ‘Aviation This Week’, the Director General Meteorological Agency, Dr Anthony Anuforum, takes a look at how the agency gets weather data in prediction of the weather.   He also looked at the impact of weather on aviation safety in Nigeria and why it is necessary that flights are cancelled or delayed when the weather is not okay. 

The programme also looked at the missing Malaysian airline that has disappeared since March 8 and where investigatons are focusing

Please, watch the educative video.