“We’ll Love Muslims 100 Years” say Hamas’ Useful Idiots

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Aug 24th, 2014

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.


And some reciprocal Muslim love for infidels in Sydney. Can you feel the 100 year love?





Islamophobia, as we all know, is a much bigger problem than Muslims beheading and bombing non-Muslims because the Koran tells them to.

That’s why a bunch of useful idiots in Australia have gotten together to announce that they’ll love Muslims 100 years. That’s about the right demographic schedule for Australia to go full Islam at which point they’ll fear Muslims for a thousand years.

Christian and Jewish religious leaders in Australia have launched a “We’ll love Muslims 100 years” campaign to express love and support for the country’s Muslim population.

“We have Muslims who are made to feel like terrorists in the past few years and they report the atmosphere is similar to post-9/11 and it is simply as a result of cultural incompetence,” explained Rabbi Zalman Kastel, of the Together for Humanity Foundation.

He and pastor Brad Chilcott, national director of Welcome to Australia, a non-profit that focuses on issues relating to immigration and asylum, are heading the campaign that is supposed to make Islamic jihadists love Christians and Jews.

It is clear why they will love Muslims for only 100 years and not any longer because if “love” is the solution to Muslim terror, there won’t be any Christians and Jews left in the world in the year 2114.

But Mr. Zalman Kastel, who I’ll discuss in more detail below * , is not alone in his 100 year love-in for Muslims.

Uniting Church minister Eleni Poulous said the stand was provoked by the “We’ll fight Islam 100 years” headline in The Weekend Australian which she said disturbed many church leaders.

“We believe people of Muslim faith are being unfairly smeared in the eyes of the Australian public,” the statement read.

“…The violence and values of extremists like ISIS are not representative of the vast majority of Muslim people in Australia, who are recognised better by their commitment to peace, community and mutual respect.”

Oh I think the Sydney cartoon riots aptly showed how representative they are.

But let’s take a peek behind the curtain of the Together for Humanity Foundation. While the group puts Christian and Jewish clergy out front for their propaganda, its president, Madenia Abdurahman, is the chairwoman of Muslim Aid Australia.

Muslim Aid Australia is a sister organization of the Muslim Aid empire. They’re tied to Jamaat-i-Islami which has been linked to everything from general international terrorism to September 11.

Jamaat have been used by the Pakistani military as a recruiting agent for jihad. Hussain Haqqani, the Pakistani Ambassador to the USA’s made the following analysis of Jamaat’s ties to terrorism:

“Islamist liberation movements seeking redress of perceived and real grievances in places remote from Pakistan, such as Chechnya, Bosnia and Southern Philippines congregated in Pakistan. The Jamaat-e-Islami raised funds for these groups and provided military training for their members, in addition to allowing its own younger members to participate in Jihad around the world.

Muslim Aid Australia has held quite well to that tradition.

Federal police today raided the Sydney office of an Australian charity accused of channelling aid into Palestine through an Islamic organisation banned by Australia and the US for its alleged terrorist links.

Officers spent several hours in the Lakemba office of Muslim Aid Australia .

The charity, which states its main aim is to address the “persistent and recurring problems of global poverty”, was recently accused of involvement with British-based organisation Interpal, which has been banned in Australia and labelled terrorist in the US.

Interpal is a Palestinian aid organisation that has been accused of funding Hamas.

It was investigated and cleared by the British Charity Commission twice in the past 11 years but has remained on a banned list in Australia.

An article in The Australian this month stated MAA had admitted using Interpal to help funnel charity money into Gaza during Israeli border closures earlier this year.

And there’s a lot more on Muslim Aid Australia here.

Muslim Aid Australia (MAA) is collecting funds for supplies that are being distributed in Gaza and Lebanon.(seehttp://www.muslimaid.org.au/)
MAA’s partner , in Gaza at least , is the Al-Huda Development Association[ seehttp://www.alhoda-pal.org/famillies.htm] as well as photos at (http://www.muslimaid.org.au/Article.aspx?Id=39) ]The Al-Hoda logo is clearly visible on the banner seen in 3 of the 4 photos.

The Al-Huda Development Association appears to have been reported to be affiliated with HAMAS.

The organisation listed at number 22 in the list provided athttp://www.intelligence.org.il/eng/finance/bank_ap6.htm, appears to be the same as the Al-Huda Development Association.

Al-Huda Association’s funds at the Arab Bank were frozen by Israeli authorities for terrorism related activities. (see report athttp://www.intelligence.org.il/Eng/finance/img/july_12_04.pdf)

Muslim Aid has raised funds in Australia for other jihadist organisations.

MAA’s partners in Pakistan include the Al-Khidmat Foundation , an organization run under the auspices of fundamentalist Jamaat e Islami (see http://www.jamaat.org/)

These policies may be described as fundamentalist and/or jihadists, given their objectives of Muslim rule in all parts of the world and subjugation of non-Muslims under the sharia.


The JEI’s branch in Bangladesh has been linked to acts of terrorism in that country.

More recently the JEI offered a bounty for the murder of the Danish illustrators who drew cartoons of Muhammad for the Danish daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten.


On Thursday, March 2 , 2006, Liaqat Balooch , president of the Al-Khidmat Foundation, and vice- president of the JEI visited the MAA’s offices in Lakemba, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liaqat_Baloch AND http://www.muslimaid.org.au/Article.aspx?Id=31)

During meetings at the MAA office in Lakemba , Balooch is reported to have discussed the urgent need for funding the Kashmir earthquake relief effort; MAA says that it has already contributed AUD 120,000 to this effort.

In 2002, Pakistan’s Daily Times reported:

Vice president of the Jamaat-e-Islamic Liaquat Baloch stunned the world when he went on the record telling Daily Times shortly after the elections that the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal(the Pakistani alliance of Islamist parties) would seek the release of amongst others Hafiz Saeed , leader of the Lashkar-e-Taiba.

On Wednesday , 23 June 2006, Australia’s SBS Dateline’s Ginny Stein reported that the Lashkar-e-Taiba, which has assumed the name Jamaat-ud-Dawa since it was designated a terrorist organisation, has taken over a significant portion of the aid and relief work in the earthquake hit areas.This work includes the setting-up of orphanages cum schools where even English lessons are centered around the theme of dying for Allah.


It is difficult to see how funds from Australia are not ultimately getting into the hands of the Jamaatud-Dawa,or if in fact the MMA/Al-Khidmat are the sole recepients, that their schools would be any different from those run by the Jamaat ud-Dawa.

This is no different than the useful idiot clergy who rallied for the Communists even while the USSR was terrorizing religious believers. Now they’re being useful idiots for Hamas.

Chilcott, based in Adelaide, said government rhetoric raising the specter of September 11, 2001, and demonizing the broader Muslim community risked creating the very conditions that lead to separation and, ultimately, radicalization.

“When you alienate any group of people, whether that is due to being unemployed, young, disabled, or of a different faith, you create conditions where people don’t trust authority and they separate from mainstream society and alienation becomes anger and frustration,” Chilcott said.

If you don’t love Muslims 100 years, they’ll kill you.

* Back to Zalman Kastel, the public face of Together for Humanity.
Mr. Zalman Kastel describes himself as a “Socially Aware Hasid” and he has Lubavitch ordination, but on his blog he also defends homosexuality, praises the Niqab and defends Muslim outbursts of hate against Israel. He sounds nothing like an Orthodox Rabbi, though he clearly has that basic background, but sounds a good deal like a community organizer using the same terminology of justice and inequality.

One of his posts quotes a “Kaddish for Palestinians”. Speaking of Muslim hate toward Jews he writes, “A legacy of suffering oppression can lead to a generalised hatred toward the offending people.”

In Michael Lerner’s Tikkun Magazine, he wrote, “I am forty now and I still have a message, although now it lacks the religious certainty of Chabad’s message. It is about how people who disagree about truth can cooperate. We have spoken our truth to people inside the “tall buildings,” and we have heard them repeat it. One of them is the prime minister of Australia, who this summer praised our interfaith anti-prejudice work at the Together for Humanity Foundation and backed her words with one million dollars of government funding over three years to create resources for teachers and students across Australia.”

His bio states, “Rabbi Zalman Kastel is National Director of the Together for Humanity Foundation, a charity working to teach children to replace prejudice with respect. He was raised in the “ultra orthodox” Chasidic tradition in the racially divided Crown Heights area of Brooklyn New York. He saw the world through the lens of his absolute tradition and the narrative of his community. This changed in 2001, when encounters with Christians and Muslims transformed him.

“I have examined some of the hostility my people faced from Blacks in my native crown heights, in Brooklyn New York. Was it just bigotry or did some Jewish behaviour contribute?” Mr. Zalman Kastel writes of the Crown Heights Pogrom.

“When I was in Kiev I was shocked to see a statue to Bogdan Chmielicki who I always thought of as a monster for murdering and attacking Jews. I still believe that this is true, but he was also a hero to the downtrodden serfs who were treated terribly by the “nobility”. Jews themselves oppressed, played the role of middle man, thus seen as complicit with the oppression and some doing well relative to the peasants. In the current conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and other Arabs I have also tried to understand both perspectives,” he goes on to write.

While Orthodox Jews think of leftist infiltration and takeover as something that happened to Reform and Conservative Judaism, there are signs that the left is pushing into Orthodox Judaism as well. Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and Uri L’Tzedek are obvious examples in the US, but the existence of community organizers like Zalman Kastel who unlike them have come out Orthodox Judaism is certainly troubling.

Fortunately they’re fairly easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for.

1. They use community organizer jargon. If your Rabbi sounds like he’s a sensitivity trainer, he probably is.

2. They obsessively reinterpret Torah through a lens of social justice. Rather than making the Torah first, they make it secondary. And they discuss how they struggle to combine their interest in social justice with Torah. This is a dead tell. Anyone who talks like this is a leftist infiltrator trying to disguise his politics as Judaism.

Kastel appears to have been associated with Chabad of the North Shore in Sydney. It would certainly be troubling if any children are exposed to his twisted views.

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